SAWC Education Legacy Award 2023

In the first SAWC Education Legacy Award 2023 at DAV College Jalandhar, 37 teachers of the college were honored for their distinguished achievements in the field of education.
Honoring teachers for their selfless efforts in shaping the lives of students always shows deep respect for them. Keeping this in mind, DAV College Jalandhar organized a grand ceremony of *1st SAWC Education Legacy Award 2023* on the occasion of Teachers Day at its campus. The main objective of this award function was to honor the teachers who have made glorious and outstanding contributions in the field of education and have achieved prestigious achievements. At the event, 37 teachers of the college were honored for their dedication, passion, honesty, innovative teaching methods, advancement of knowledge and unwavering commitment towards professional development of the students.
The SAWC Education Legacy Awards 2023 was the first awards ceremony in an awards series initiated by the College’s Student Council. The chief guest of the awards ceremony was Raghav Jyoti, son of former Jalandhar mayor Sunil Jyoti and director of Trivede Industries. The award ceremony started with the welcome of the college principal and all the awardee teachers and the DAV anthem.
In the award ceremony, the Principal of the college, Dr. Rajesh Kumar, was first honored with the Award of Honor for his outstanding professional achievement and inspiring social contribution. This honor was given to him by Vice Principal Prof. Archana, Registrar Prof. Kunwar Deepak, Local Advisory Committee members Dr. Kunwar Rajeev, Dr. Naveen Sood, Dean of Student Council Prof. Manish Khanna and Staff Secretary Dr. Sanjeev Dhawan.
Principal Dr. Rajesh Kumar thanked everyone for the honor and expressed his happiness saying that every teacher plays an important role in shaping the lives of his students. They not only impart knowledge and intelligence to their students but also nurture the talent and aspirations of the young minds. Teachers’ patience, compassion and commitment to their profession make them guiding lights in shaping the future of our nation. The Principal said, as the Principal of this prestigious institution, I feel extremely honored and privileged to reward such dedicated and inspiring teachers. Principal Dr. Rajesh Kumar further said that every year we celebrate the birthday of former President Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan as Teacher’s Day because his work as a teacher in the field of education has been very important and exemplary. It is difficult to imagine a civilized society without teachers because after the parents, it is only the teacher who carries forward the thoughts of the child and makes him a capable person by giving him education.
Chief Guest Raghav Jyoti in his message congratulated all the teachers and said that when we were students, we never realized what a huge responsibility our teachers carry on their shoulders, they provide us with a safe and motivating learning environment. They work so tirelessly to provide a place where we can grow and become responsible citizens. Furthermore, every teacher helps his/her students understand the importance of values ​​and virtues that shape their character. All teachers deserve this honor and I feel proud to give this honor to all.
Principal Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Vice Principal Prof. Archana, Registrar Prof. Kunwar Deepak, member of local advisory committee, Dr. Kunwar Rajeev, Dr. Naveen Sood, Dean Student Council, Prof. Manish Khanna and Staff Secretary Dr. Sanjeev Dhawan felicitated 37 teachers from various departments of the college with certificates, mementos and shawls for their contribution in the field of teaching.
On this occasion, honoured and awardee teachers also shared their teaching and college experiences with each other. The ceremony concluded with the national Geet . The award ceremony was conducted by Student Council students Ashima, Akanksha, Ishita Chopra and Tushar.
Teachers who received the honor:
*Department of Chemistry*
1. Sheetal Aggarwal
*Department of Commerce*
1. Prof. Ashok Kapoor 2. Prof. Manish Arora 3. Dr. Rajiv Puri 4. Dr. Satish Ahuja 5. Prof. Manish Khanna 6. Dr. Manav Agarwal
*Department of Computer Science*
1. Dr. Nishchay Bahl
2. Prof. Monica Chopra
*Department of English*
1. Prof. Salil Kumar Upal
2. Prof. Archana Oberoi
3. Prof. Sharad Manocha
4. Prof. Sonia Dania
5. Prof. Naresh Kumar
*Department of Economics*
1. Dr. Suresh Khurana
2. Dr. Sanjeev Dhawan
3. Dr. Seema Dutta
4. Dr. S.J. Talwar
5. Prof. Monica Bahl
6. Dr. Naveen Sood
7. Sudha Arora
*Department of Food Science and Technology*
1. Prof. Bhartendu Singla
2. Prof. Anu Gupta
3. Prof. Pankaj Gupta
*Department of Geography*
1. Prof. Kanwar Deepak
*Department of Library Sciences*
1. Prof. Naveen Seni
*Department of Mathematics*
1. Dr. Shiv Kumar Tuli
2. Dr. Poonam Kumar Sharma
3. Prof. Monish Arora
4. Prof. Rajesh Parashar
*Department of Physical Education*
1. Dr. Manu Sood
*Department of Physics*
1. Dr. Kunwar Rajiv
2. Dr. Satish Kumar
*Department of Political Science*
1. Dr. Raj Kumar
2. Prof. Sunil Kumar Oberoi
*Department of Punjabi*
1. Dr. Ashok Kumar Khurana
2. Prof. Sukhdev Singh Randhawa