Sanskrit is said to be the mother of languages in the living world. It is the divined language for all sorts of perils and also a means for attaining all aims of human life. Sanskrit, we may say, is India and India is Sanskrit. It is unparalleled as a language in the world because of the fact that India’s philosophical and religious quest has been carried through this language. Indian Sanskrit literature is the key to open the doors of humanism, theology, astrology, astronomy, science and society.It is like a Pandora box to distribute wisdom and knowledge all over the world. Acknowledged as the most suitable language for computer programming, the study of Sanskrit offers fascinating avenues in Indology, Vedic Research, Teaching, Civil Services etc.

The rich heritage of Sanskrit Language is continued by the Post-graduate Department of Sanskrit, DAV College, Jalandhar. The Department was established in 1918, since the inception of the college. Post-graduation was introduced in 1948.

Department of Sanskrit


  • Dr.(Mrs.) Jeevan Asha, M.A., M. Phil, Ph.D, Head
  • Miss Ritu Talwar, M.A.
  • Mr. Vivek Sharma, M.A. (C)





(Sanskrit as Optional Subject)

ॐ सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः
सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः।
सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु
मा कश्चि द्दुःखभाग्भवेत्।

May all humanity be happy,
May all be without disease,
May all witness auspicious sights,
May none have to undergo sufferings

Distinctions of the Department

The members of the department are contributing significantly to various components of college structure, such as publication of the college magazine “ Ravi”, annual reports and in organizing various functions.

  • Under the aegis of Kalidasa Sanskrit Parishad , the department organizes various activities like extension lectures, workshops, educational tours etc.
  • Besides, rich section of Sanskrit books and journals in the main library, the department has its own library.
  • Sanskrit Department organized “Sanskrit Divas” on 19-08-2013.
  • Organized Prize Distribution function on 03-09-2013. Principal Dr. B.B.Sharma, presided over the function.
  • An Extention Lecture was delivered by Dr. Virendra Kumar Alankar, Head Deptt. Of Sanskrit of PanjabUniversity Chandigarh on the topic
  • “Importance of Sanskrit in the present scenario” on 30-10-2013.
  • Organized an educational trip to Sadhu Ashram Hoshiarpur and Mata Chintpurani.
  • Students of MA-I Sanskrit secured first, second and third positions in the GNDU Amritsar in 2012-13
  • Students of MA-II secured first, second, third and fourth positions in the GNDU Amritsar in 2012-13

Glorious Results

Year Name Class Marks Position
2013-14 Om Parkash MA-I 323/400 First/Sem-I
2013-14 Shaveta MA-I 319/400 Second/Sem-I
2013-14 Rajni Bala MA-II 280/400 First/Sem-III
2013-14 Sandeep MA-II 272/400 Second/Sem-III
2013-14 Sandeep MA-I 339/400 First/Sem-II
2013-14 Anu Sharma MA-I 326/400 Second/Sem-II
2013-14 Ritu Sharma MA-II 1205/1600 First/Sem-IV
2013-14 Jitendra MA-II 1192/1600 Second/Sem-IV
2012-13 Sandeep MA-I 332/400 First/Sem-I
2012-13 Praveen MA-I 325/400 Second/Sem-I
2012-13 Jitendra MA-II 291/400 First/Sem-III
2012-13 Anita MA-II 282/400 Second/Sem-III
2012-13 Ritu Sharma MA-I 315/400 First/Sem-II
2012-13 Jyoti Bala MA-I 288/400 Second/Sem-II
2011-12 Jitendra MA-I 297/400 Third/Sem-I
2011-12 Ritu Sharma MA-I 307/400 First/Sem-I
2011-12 Vijay Kumar MA-II 581/800 Second
2011-12 Madhav MA-II 572/800 Third
2010-11 Jyoti Rani MA-II 660/800 First
2010-11 Nisha MA-II 617/800 Second
2010-11 Yagyatirath MA-I 296/400 First
2008-09 Punisha Devi MA-II 619/800 Second
2008-09 Shilpa MA-II 712/800 First
2008-09 Barundawan MA-I 285/400 Second
2008-09 Amreshwar MA-I 324/400 First
2007-08 Meena Narang MA-II 610/800 Second
2007-08 Vikas Jain MA-II 713/800 First
2007-08 Shilpa MA-I 367/400 First

Sanskrit literature is the key to open the doors of humanism, theology, astrology, astronomy, science and society.It is like a Pandora box to distribute wisdom and knowledge all over the world.