Research Journals

Research Journals

Research Journals

Journal of Political Science  –Bi-Annual Research Journal

The Post-Graduate Department of Political Science has the enviable distinction of being the only Department located in this part of the country, publishing its own Bi-annual Research Journal – The Journal of Political Science (earlier known as Journal of Political Studies). It was founded by Prof. V N Chawla in 1968, and Dr. K. C Mahindru, Prof. K KGhai and Prof. D K Sud became its successive editors. In the year 2005, after a short break Prof. SatishTandonrevived it under a new name – The Journal of Political Science. Currently, it is being edited by Dr. B B Sharma with the able assistance of other members of the department.

This research Journal is now recognised as one of the leading journals in Political Science at home and abroad and has been assigned ISSN 0976-8254. It is also registered with the Registrar Newspaper of India, New Delhi under no. PUNENG/2005/18316.

Pragati’s English Journal –Bi-Annual Research Journal

Dr. N K Neb, Associate Professor, Post-Graduate Department of English, is editing and publishing Bi-annual PragatiEnglish Journal. This research journal explores the problems and complexities concerning the study of English Language and Literature in the emerging scenario of globalisation. This journal is registered under the act XXI 1861 and is assigned ISSN– 0975-4091

Pravachan –Tri-Monthly Punjabi Research Journal

Dr. R B Singh, Associate Professor& Head, Department of Punjabi, is editing and publishing ‘Pravachan’ – a tri-monthly Punjabi Research Magazine on Cultural – Literal Critical Analysis since 2000, under ISSN–2231–6930. It includes research critiques of renowned Punjabi scholars of India and abroad.

The Economic World – A Research Journal of Economics and Business
(Bi-Annual Referred Research Journal)

The Post-Graduate Department of Economics has the enviable distinction of being the only Department located in this part of the Northern India, publishing its own Bi-annual Referred Research Journal – The Economic World-A Research Journal of Economics and Business. It was founded by Dr. S K Khurana in 2014. Currently, it is being edited by Dr. S K Khurana, the founder editor and the head of the department, with the able assistance of other members of the department. This referred research journal is now recognized as one of the leading journals in India and has been assigned ISSN 2393-8145. Till date, Department had released seven issues of the Journal. It is published bi-annually in the month of June and December.

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Other Publications

Annual Report:The College also publishes ‘Annual Report’ every year. It contains academic and co-academic achievements, detail of various seminars, conferences, workshops and extension lectures organized by various departments. The activities of NSS, NCC and subject clubs & societies are also included in the Annual Report. Infrastructural upgradation, research oriented activities are also highlighted in this report.

The DAV News:The DAV News is a carefully crafted and a thoughtfully designed annual newsletter of the College. It is a mirror reflecting another year of the College to acquaint its readers with the College scenario in terms of on-going programmes at the College and events which left a mark in the outgoing session.

The Ravi:The College also publishes its annual magazine entitled “Ravi”. It is published in the supervision of teacher Editor-in Chief supported by an editorial board.  The magazine has different sections like Languages, Social Sciences, Commerce, Computers, Sciences, and Journalism etc. The students contribute in the magazine in the form of poems, stories, articles, essays and give expression to their creative talent/thoughts.

The DAV Arya: The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication also publishes a monthly Lab Journal ‘DAV Arya’. It highlights college activities with special reference to the activities of Department of Journalism.