Anti Ragging Policy

Ragging is Conspicuous by its Absence-both in the Hostels and in the Campus of DAV College, Jalandhar.

Say "No" to Ragging

What is Ragging?

Any act resulting in:

  • Mental/Physical/Sexual Abuse
  • Verbal Abuse
  • Indecent behavior
  • Criminal Intimidation/Wrongful Restraint
  • Undermining Human Dignity
  • Financial Exploitation/Extortion
  • Use of Force
  • Each of the above is a criminal offence

A Student Indulging in Ragging can be:

  • Expelled From the Institution
  • Banned From the Mess/Hostel
  • His /Her Scholarship can be withdrawn
  • Denied Admission to any Institution
  • Prosecuted for Criminal Action
  • Institutions have been asked to file FIR with local Police Against those who RAG/ABET Ragging