Computer Science

Computer Science is the study of computers, including their design (architecture) and their uses for computations, data processing, and systems control. It includes engineering activities such as the designing of computers and of the hardware and software. It also encompasses theoretical, mathematical activities, such as the design and analysis of algorithms, performance studies of systems and their components by means of techniques like queuing theory, and the estimation of the reliability and availability of systems by probabilistic techniques.

Computers have in fact, permeated every aspect of our lives and have indisputably become a necessity in modern times, without which modern life is simply unimaginable. Recognising this indispensable role of computers, the Department of Computer Science at DAV College Jalandhar was established in 1986. Since then the department is engaged in high quality Under-Graduate and Post-Graduate teachings in Computer Science. Apart from the Labs, the Department has a well-equipped Internet Centre. The department has the ability to not just dream bigger but also to make these dreams a reality. The department also invites you to experience and effervescent academic atmosphere, congenial to industry-relevant studies, research and development innovations. The department offers a rich academic flare that is just a click away.

Department of Computer Science


  • Dr. Nischay Bahl, B.Tech, M.S,  Ph.D.,  Head, Dean Research
  • Mrs. Monika Chopra, MCA Dean Grieviences(Women)
  • Dr. Lalit Goyal, M.Tech (CSE), M.Phil, Ph.D. (On Leave)
  • Sh. Vishal Sharma, B.Tech (CSE), M.Tech (Research). Prof. in Charge College Website
  • Sh. Amit Sharma,  B.E, M.Tech.
  • Dr. Kawal Jeet, B.Tech (CSE), M.Tech(CSE), Ph.D.
  • Dr. Leekha Jindal, MCA, M.Phil.
  • Dr. Rajeev Puri, M.I.T, Ph.D.
  • Ms Ritika Sobti, M.Sc., UGC-NET
  • Ms Ravneet Kaur, MCA, UGC-NET (On Leave)
  • Ms Namarta Kapoor, MSc. CS, M.Tech CSE, UGC-NET
  • Sh. Gagan Madaan, BCA, MCA (Gold Medalist), UGC-NET



Computer Science / I.T.


I.T. / Comp. Sc.


3 years Degree


Diploma / PG Diploma

“You can’t go wrong in Computer Science; it is a ticket to a good career.” Bill Gates

Distinctions of the Department

  • Highly qualified, young, energetic, committed and dedicated faculty and technicians.
  • Highly sophisticated ultra-modern, Well-equipped Computer labs.
  • Department has Three Class Rooms, Seminar hall and ten laboratories with ICT facilities
  • Smartboard based lecture delivery system.
  • Lecture notes made available on college’s online learning portal.
  • Emphasis on practical aspect alongwith theoretical knowledge.
  • IT Forum of the department organises various students’ oriented activities like extension lectures, seminars, conferences, IT quiz, Cultural Activities etc.
  • Active participation of the department in activities like the Science Fair.
  • The department provides the facilities related to computer know how to all the departments.
  • The Software Development Cell established in the department caters to various in-house software needs and also provides consultancy to industry and other institutions.

Glorious Results

Name Course Position in University Year
Vanshika BCA – III Sem First 2019
KamalpreetKaur M.Sc. (CS) First & Gold Medal 2014
Monika Chawla M.Sc. (IT)-IV Sem. First & Gold Medal 2012
Komal B.Sc. (IT)-I First 2012
Shitiz B.Sc.-I (CSC) First 2012
KamalpreetKaur M.Sc. (IT) Sem-IV Second 2012
JasmeenKaur B.Sc.-III (CSC) Third 2012
KamaldeepKaur BCA-III Second 2012
Neha Gupta BCA-III Merit 2012
JasmeenKaur BCA-III Merit 2012
Ratnika M.Sc. (CSC)-II Sem Merit 2012
JasmeenKaur B.Sc.-II (CSC) First 2011
KamaldeepKaur BCA-II Second 2011
ParviArora M.Sc.-II (IT) Second 2010
NavjeetKaur M.Sc.-II (IT) Third 2010
Sonika Basra M.Sc.-II (CSC) Third 2010
RamandeepKaur M.Sc.-II (CSC) Merit 2010
SonaliUppal BCA-II First 2010
RubinaChauhan BCA-II Merit 2010
RadhikaBhatia BCA-II Merit 2010
KamaldeepKaur BCA-I Merit 2010
Shipra Chopra BCA-I Merit 2010
JasmeenKaur B.Sc.-II (CSC) Merit 2010
SahilNagpal B.Sc.-III (CSC) Merit 2010
MeghaChabra M.Sc. (Semester)-IV CSC First & Gold Medal 2009
Sonika Basra M.Sc.-I (CSC) First 2009
MeghaChabra M.Sc. (Semester)-II CSC Third 2008

Seminars & Conferences organized

The department offers a rich academic flare, effervescent academic atmosphere, congenial to industry-relevant studies, research and development innovations

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