B.A. (J.M.C)



+2 with at least 50% Marks in aggregate or equivalent examination


Course Outcome

CO 1- Students understand the basic concepts of Journalism and Mass
Communication and the key areas in history and freedom of press with its role
in society.
CO 2- Students learn Print, Broadcast and Online journalistic style , News writing,
Reporting, Editing, Proof reading, News reading and Anchoring techniques
in this course with the help of computer aided software’s and professional
CO 3- Students develops basic understanding about media laws and ethics.
CO 4- Students learn various camera mounting and operating techniques with
specialized picture composition and cinematographic techniques.
CO 5- Students analyze various current affairs and form deeper perspective and
understanding about withstanding issues in country.
CO 6- This course focus on preparing students for the roles related to field of
Journalism and Mass Communication ( News Reporter, Anchor, Content
writer, Editor, ,RJ, VJ, Producer, Director, Photojournalist, Public Relations
Officer, Event Manager, Audio and Video Professional, and Advertising.)
CO 7- This course help students to pursue for Masters in Journalism and Mass
Communication and prepare students for future jobs in Media, News