B.A. Bachelors in Arts (Pass & Hons.)

B.A. Bachelors in Arts (Pass & Hons.)


38 Subject combinations to choose from !!

+2 Pass or equivalent examination


Course Outcome

CO1 – Bachelor of arts course provides education in a variety of contexts. The course
also incorporates a variety of modes of learning and teaching.
CO2- BA course offers a wide range of educational backgrounds to students. This
course offers a rich variety of subjects (such as Economics, English, Political
Science, Geography, History and so on.).
CO3- The course helps students to understand how linguistic, cultural, geographical,
historical political, and environmental factors forces shape the world.
CO 4- This Course also prepares students for competitive exams
CO 5- The subject of economics, intends to familiarize the students with the
knowledge of Social Sciences, specifically Economics and its tools,
methodologies, and analysis procedures.
CO 6- In Subject political science, students gain knowledge about the principles of
Political Science. They get an opportunity to understand the meaning, nature,
and scope of Political Science.
CO 7- The subject English enables students to develop their language skills:
listening, speaking, reading and writing.
CO 8- The subject History provides students with historical knowledge. It enable a
continued dialogue between the past & the present.
CO 9- In Subject Geography the students learn about various places. They get
knowledge and relationship between people and their environments. They
explore both the physical properties of Earth’s surface and the human societies
spread across it.
CO 10- After completing a bachelor degree students can pursue masters degree in
any of the subject of interest