Adding Splash by Busting Stress

We very strongly believe that cultural & sports activities are an important part of academic agenda. Despite rigorous academic agenda, there is always a time for music, for poetry, for dance, for discussion, for dialogue with self, with innocent relaxation. Thus, an attempt is always made to extract and polish the inherent abilities of students through various channels:

  • The creative abilities are reflected through activities undertaken by various associations and departments.
  • Leadership abilities are exhibited through NSS, NCC, and activities of the Deptt. of Youth Welfare.
  • Various class teachers monitor interpersonal abilities.
  • The GK abilities are taken care of through declamation debate, quiz, discussion, theatre etc.
  • The College is proud to have a strong department of co-curricular activities in order to channelize and orientate the creative energies of the youth. The college provides training to the willing and enthusiastic students.

Societies And Clubs

As many as 31 Subject Societies, Associations and Clubs are active in the college. They organise lectures. declamation contests, exhibitions, poetical symposia, educational film shows, dramas and tours for the benefit of the students community.


  • Prof. Bansi Lal Mathematical Society
  • The Kalidasa Sanskrit Parishad
  • The Kautalya Society of Economics
  • The Political Science Forum
  • Munshi Prem Chand Hindi Sahitya Parishad
  • The S.S. Bhatnagar Chemical Society
  • The Physics Association
  • The Kashyap Biological Society
  • The English Seminar
  • The History Association
  • The Geography Association
  • The Punjab Sahit Sabha
  • The Commerce Forum
  • The Philosophy Forum.
  • The Physical Education Society.
  • IT Forum


  • The Ambedkar Planning Forum
  • The Tagore Dramatic Club
  • The Music Club
  • The Young Speakers Association
  • Youth Club
  • The Mahila Club (for girls only)
  • Fine Arts and Photographic Club
  • National Service Club
  • Ancient Culture Society
  • The Arya Yuvak Samaj
  • Resident Scholars Association (For Boarders only)
  • N.C.C. Club
  • The Himalayan Hiking Club
  • The Research Association.
  • Sudershan Faqir Literary Club.


Girls Common Room

To meet an urgent need of the ever - increasing number of girl students in the college ever since it was declared co-educational, a new Girls Common Room - spacious, well-furnished and equipped with ultra - modern facilities has been built adjacent to the Department of Economics. A heartening news for the girl students indeed! Sh. Manoj Tewari donated a sum of Rs. 1 Lac towards the furnishing of this room.

Health Hopeline

The College Health Centre is fully equipped for providing first aid to the emergent cases under the charge of a qualified Medical Officer. It regularly engages itself for creating general awareness regarding health and hygiene among students and staff of the College with the help of visiting doctors from various specialities.

The following steps have been taken to empower the Health Care Centre of the college

  • Appointment of regular dietician to clinically assess and thoroughly check the nutritional quality of meals served in the hostel mess.
  • Tapping of reference service through a panel of specialists in various city hospitals in emergent cases.
  • Providing round the clock service in emergent cases.


Our Hostels

From Home to Home

The Colleges has four Hostels-Lakhpat Rai Hostel. Mehar Chand Hostel, and Sports Hostel for boys, and a Hostel for girl students. All the Hostels are provided with modern amenities such as Television sets, water coolers, electric lights, flush lavatories, Common Room, T.V./Radio Room and Visitors Room, etc. Ceiling fans are fitted in all the rooms of the College Hostel. The Bakshi Jaishi Ram grounds which are situated nearby are available for the evening games and sports for inmates of the Hostel. Medical Service is offered to the Hostel by the Resident Medical Officer.

The College Hostels have three canteens, one in each of the Boys Hostels and one in the Girls Hostel. Nutritious quality of refreshment is served in these canteens. There are five meses to serve meals to the resident scholars. The meals are inspected daily by the college resident medical officer and proper cleanliness and hygienic conditions are maintained. Water purifiers have been installed to provide pure water to the Hostelers. Suitable measures are taken to bring out and polish the inherent abilities of the Hostelers . Cultural functions are organized from time to time. An Annual function, known as 'Golden Night' is held to exhibit the creative and inter personal skills of the resident scholars.

A new wing consisting of 38 rooms with all the modern facilities has been added to the Girls hostel at a cost of Rs. 1.3 crores.

Note :  Students seeking admission to the Hostel should buy a copy of Hostel Hand Book and go through the Hostel Rules.


Wearing Robes/ Prize Distribution

  • Solemnizing Success

The Prize Distribution function of the College is held annually towards the end of the session. The students who win distinctions in the various spheres such as academics, sports, NCC, NSS, Youth activities, ECA etc entitle themselves for the awards and prizes.

The College also regularly holds its annual convocation to award degrees to the graduates and post graduates of the preceding session.

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