National Conference on Corporate Governance

"This country isn't poor.. But poorness is in its governance policies"

- Shri S.S.Narang (Former Professor, Department of Political Science, Amritsar)

"Illiteracy and corruption are the hampering stones of good governance"
- Chief guest Rana gurjit Singh (MLA , Punjab vidhan sabha)

"The earlier we start moving on the track of good governance , our country will reach heights of success "

- Principal Dr B B Sharma

"The basic aim behind organising this national seminar is to analyse and access as to how far the present government is able to efficiently implement its plans and policies advocating good governance "

-HOD Political Science Department Dr B B Sharma

The Post Graduate Political Science Department of D.A.V College, Jalandhar pioneered National Conference on Corporate Governance where more than 300 research papers got manifested.

The congregation started with illuminant ceremony along with recitation of DAV anthem. As venerated guest, Rana Gurjit Singh( M.L.A, Punjab Legislative Assembly), Keynote Speaker Prof. Dr. Harish K. Puri(Ex- Chairperson, GNDU), Guest of Honor Dr. Pampa Mukherji (Chairman, Department of Political Science, Punjab University), Shri Jagdish Chander( Former Principal G.B. College, Rohtak) were florally received by Principal Dr. B.B. Sharma.

After cordially welcoming the guests, Dr. B.B.Sharma voiced," Good Governance is an unrefutable affair which manifests the extent of priority given to citizens, the prowess central and state government holds to set up an competent system. As early as possible governance will be implemented in India, it will ensure India's pre-paved way to development."

Dr. B.B.Sharma, Department of Political Science expressed about this gathering," The main intent behind holding this event is to ascertain that what type of government is pursuing the goal of governance in which sense along with government present scenario on governance.Like Shri Modi quoted primary concern to citizens and to examine their standards this conference has been held so as to procure exemplary advice from various masteros."

Chief Guest Rana Gurjit Singh (M.L.A, Punjab Legislative Assembly) spoke on this," Good Governance is a sparkling motif which is hurdled by malfeasance and illiteracy. Good Governance expounds that how minuscule we are while implementing decisions. It doesn't matter how many righteous decisions we take, what matters most is how we implement those decisions and that too in an efficacious manner. This decisiveness is based on many fundamentals- Participatory, Concensus oriented, Accountability, Transparency, Responsibility, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Dexterity and Inclusiveness and respectable law abiding. Until there remains corruption and illiteracy, implying Good Governance is going to be hanging bell around cat's neck."

Keynote speaker Prof. Dr. Harish K.Puri (Ex-Chairperson,GNDU) emphasized," There should be such a system incorporated where even the elite politician is answerable to common man. It is a matter of grief that our country holds a different landscape where every work is get done by hook or crook, where instead of good governance lies bribed governance, where documents are not transparent to a common man, although transparency is a fundamental of good governance. Our ideal Good Governance should be constituted with incorrupt government and where every citizen actively participating in decision making process. That government is quotable as From the People, For the people and by the people."

During this governance occasion, Guest of honor Shri Jagdish Chander( Former Principal, G.B. College) supervised the conference as respective pillars of Technical Panel.

The Technical Session was piloted by Shri Kuldeep Singh(GNDU) and Dr. Sunil Khosla( PrinikPal Punjab University Constituent College).

The main focus mended that Achieving Good Governance isn't child's play. Only a government committed to citizens priorities can manage to focus on contingent issues of country and try to improvise the governance state of country. Actions and words of Government are like oil and water, no connection. if governmnet want to do what they thought, they must first exterminate the termite of corruption.

During the valedictory session, Dr. S.S.Narang(Former Principal, Department of Political Science, Amritsar) voiced," The notions of good governance cannot be imposed on individual interest group else it will widen the rich poor gap. So citizens participation is required to change the cult and make the country an exemplary one.

Shri K.K.Ghai and Dr. Anoop Vatts(Principal, DAV College, Ajmer) also graced the event as revered guest.

Dr. Dinesh Arora presented the gratitude vote.

At conclusion,All the revered guests were honored with DAV token of appreciation.