7 day National service scheme (NSS) camp

With a stern commitment to serve the nation , the 7 day National service scheme (NSS) camp ended successfully .

The ongoing NSS camp ended up with great valour and enthusiasm .In the concluding ceremony , SDM Jalandhar Shri Virendre Singh Bajwa graced the occasion as the honourable chief guest .At the conclusion ceremony , Prof Meenu started off with counting uncountable successes of the NSS camp and gave a warm hearth welcome to everyone.
Later NSS chief Prof SK Middha presented the 7 Day report of the NSS camp , wherein the stern hard work and the pious work done by the volunteers was truly appreciated

The ongoing NSS camp completed its 6th day in which the volunteers cleaned the college campus and the adjoining lawns and gardens , made to paint the trees . Apart from this , Everyday certain specialists from.various fields visited the volunteers and gave them important lessons of life .

On the 2nd day of the camp Acupressure Specialist Shri MatiRita , who paid a visit to the volunteers and talked about the various aspects of Accupressure and made them familiar with the techniques of this science of Accupresure .
Further he told that this technique started initially from The west Korea and told how if effectively acupressure is incorporated in daily human life, Can improve the quality of life . 
Further giving additional information on accupresure he told how all the elementary human body points are located in our hands itself and on pressing and applying pressure over them effectively can help us get rid of many health issues and ailments .Further TV artist and comedian Shri Satti , with her light hearted humour made everone laugh .

On the 3 rd day of the camp , 2corps from the Punjab Traffic police paid a visit to the volunteers and made them informed regarding various Traffic Rules and Traffic Signs , and Youngveer from Big FM was also present to grace the occasion .

On the 4th day , students were given awareness on "Disaster management" for which Dr Sunil and Dr Jaswinder all the way from Amritsar were invited , who informed the students through a PowerPoint presentation regarding various kinds of first aids . RJ bindass From My FM was also present ,who with his humourous talks , made the environment full of smiles and giggles .

On the fifth day , The aspirants from the jalandhar DeAddication center -Raju Soni and Balwinder Singh (Running An NGO named "Second innings") who talked about the youth today is getting involved into drugs and addictions and he also talked about various people whom they helped become addiction free .

The volunteers asked various constructive questions to the experts and they were made to play games too , under the stewardship of Prof S K Middha.

On the 6th day the volunteers went on a trip to " Goiendwal Sahib.

AT the occasion Vice principal Prof VK Sareen , appreciated the patriotism , compassion and love that the volunteers depicted for thier nation-thier motherland ,and further inspired them all to remain a part of such social activities.He thanked all the revered guests who spared thier valuable time to be a part of this camp.

The chief guest Shri varinder Singh bajwa , wished for a glorious future of the volunteers , and quoted "if every single citizen of the country , tries to do small tasks , as its said " big things come in small packages " , we can definitely become a Super power " . Hearing his inspiring words , the volunteers became passionate within .

The volunteers presented handful of various talents they had with them .
Amita sang "preet ki lehr esi laagi", Manpreet sang " hae sanu turna paya " and Jaspreet sang a religious shabad .
The volunteers were also rewarded under various categories like best workers , best poetry , best singer , best performer , writing etc.


Prof SK Middha , Prof Kanwaljeet , Prof Rajan , Prof Meenu , Prof Gagan deep were also present to grace the social occasion.