College organised a workshop on "Female Health Care"

DAV college organised a workshop on " female health care" in girls hostel .

The chief guest on the occasion was Dr Aarti Gupta (fertility and gynaecologist specialist) .

Dr Gupta presented a power point presentation to explain the various health problems . She exclaimed how girls can maintain their health lifelong by focusing on nutritional valued foods and by daily exercises and gymnastics.

She showed various kinds of foods which are hazardous to girls health in long run.

She quoted "Prefer brown bread over white bread".Consume more of health giving foods like milk etc and stay away from junk foods as far as possible , junk food ruin ones health and can lead to health problems.

She told to prefer brown rice over white rice and avoid eating chocolate . Daily physical exercise , consuming more fluids and eating healthy foods can improve your health and lead to longer life .Her presentation was quite informative and constructive.

The girls present also asked their various queries.

Principal Dr B B Sharma on this occasion quoted " such presentations are quite healthy and should be generally conducted to ensure the health of the youth". In todays busy era , such presentations ensure good physical and mental health.

Deputy Registrar Dr Kiranjeet Randhawa gave vote of thanks. On the occasion Chief Warden Prof T D Saini, Dr Renuka Malhotra, Dr komal , Dr Sharanjeet , Dr Anupam were present to grace the occasion.