3 Day National Seminar on Old Manuscript Inaugrated

The indigenous knowledge preserved in centuries old manuscripts by Indian saints and scholars is a cogent evidence of traditional Indian academic monopoly and supremacy in the world. The variety of manuscripts viz a viz language, contents and script is a pointer towards the fact that there was hardly any branch of knowledge where Indians did not specialize. These views were forcefully advocated by Dr P.K Mishra while inaugurating the three day national seminar on manuscript in DAV College Jalandhar. He detailed out the missions endeavor in conserving, preserving and digitizing the manuscripts throughout the country.

Principal Dr. B.B Sharma in his welcome address said that the college was the first to host such a seminar which would arouse interest of the experts and the common people in manuscripts and their significant.

Renowned scholar Dr. H.K Puri in his keynote address mapped out manuscripts tradition in the country and the state and underlined the statement that manuscript writing was essential part of Indian life and hence they became potent source of historical religious socio political information and knowledge.

Dr. Anup Kumar the seminar coordinator said on the first day Dr. H.S Bedi from Amritsar, Dr. Akash Chanda from Saharanpur, Dr. R.S Toki from Khana, Daljit Ami from Mohali in their respective presentation talked about sources, repositories, thematic contents and the linguistic specialties of the manuscript of Punjab.

A unique exhibition displaying a variety of manuscripts on medicine, religion, culture has also been organized which was the center of attraction for visitors.