Bachelors in Computer Applications


BCA course has 180 seats in all.

with 40% marks in aggregate in +2 or equivalent examination.

Course Outcome

CO 1- The program prepares the young professionals for a range of computer
applications, computer organizations, software engineering, techniques of
computer networking, e-Commerce, Web development, Python, Java and
Mobile application Development.
CO 2- Students understand basic computer hardware architecture and be able to learn
essential IT support skills including installing, configuring, securing and
troubleshooting operating systems and hardware.
CO 3- Gain hands-on experience of working in Microsoft products such as: MS
Word, MS Power point, and MS Excel.
CO 4- Communicate effectively in both verbal and written form.
CO 5- Students will gain a broad understanding of database concepts and database
management system software. Be able to model an application’s data
requirements using conceptual modelling tools like ER diagrams and design
database schemas based on the conceptual model. Also will be able to write
SQL statements that edit existing data.
CO 6- Students learn programming, debugging, data structures and databases. They
also learn various IDEs and tools to develop projects.
CO 7- Students gain an ability to enhance comprehensive understanding of the theory
and its applications in diverse fields.
CO 8- An ability to understand, design and troubleshoot a computing system to meet
desired needs within realistic constraints.
CO 9-Final year project help students to get entry level practical experience. It also
prepare students for future jobs.