B.Sc.(Information Technology)

B.Sc.(Information Technology)


+2 with at least 40% Marks in aggregate or equivalent examination


Course Outcome

CO 1- This course focuses on preparing students for roles related to computer
applications and IT industry.
CO 2- Students gain programming, networking and database skills. They learn
applications, packages, languages and modern techniques of IT.
CO 3- Learn programming languages such as C, C++, Python and Java.
CO 4- Students learn basic data structures and various IDE’s to develop Software’s.
CO 5- Students get knowledge of various computer applications and latest
development in IT
CO 6- Gain knowledge about modern software development tools/techniques and
use them to develop solutions.
CO 7- Students gain knowledge of various computer graphics, web development,
trouble shooting, hardware and software skills.
CO 8- Along with skills and information about computers and information
technology they also get information about organization and management

CO 9- Final year project help students to get entry level practical experience. It also
prepare students for future jobs.