B.F.S.T(Bachelor of Food Sience. & Technology (Hons))

B.F.S.T(Bachelor of Food Sience. & Technology (Hons))


+2 (Medical / Non-Medical) with at least 40% Marks in aggregate or  equivalent examination


Course Outcome

CO 1- The course offers Hons. Degree to students which enhances undergraduate
qualification than normal degree.

CO 2- The students are made aware of each and every aspect of the food starting
from food production to food consumption so the course is very useful in day
to day life.
CO 3- Practicals are as important as that of theory during the course. Students gain
knowledge by the practical exposure of different subjects.
CO 4- The students are enhanced in knowledge by the various industrial tours in
different food industries .
CO 5- As industrial training of minimum six weeks is compulsory part of the degree
so students are exposed to the latest trends in the food industries.
CO 6- The course is job oriented course and students are well prepared to work as
food analyst, Food technician, Microbiologist, Dietician, Food inspector.
CO 7- The course prepares the students to begin startups as students are fortified
with various steps required for agriculture, food product development, food
packaging, quality control etc.
CO 8- Students are motivated to help the common man by checking the adulteration
in the food products, shelf life and nutritive value of the packed foods.
CO 9- This course also focuses on the overall development of the students by helping
them to learn the communication skills and knowledge in computers .
CO 10- The course helps the students for the competitive examinations for their postgraduation degree and for jobs in various sectors of food.