The Flash Pitch Fiesta.


The Flash Pitch Fiesta, a dynamic celebration of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, unfolded at PG Department of Computer Science, DAV College, Jalandhar on Startup Day Celebration.
Dr. Rajesh Kumar, the Principal of the Institution, lent unwavering support to this initiative, reflecting the institution’s commitment to fostering a dynamic and entrepreneurial learning environment.
The success of the Flash Pitch Fiesta was made possible through the collaborative efforts of key individuals, including Dr. Nischay Bahl, Head of the Computer Science Department;
Dr. Rajeev Puri, Convenor of the Institutional Innovation Council; and Prof. Namarta Kapoor, Prof. Gagan Madaan, Prof. Vishal Sharma, Dr. Isha Behal Member of Institutional Innovation Council.
Orchestrated by Ms. Namarta Kapoor, President, IT Forum and member, Institutional Innovation Council, the event provided a vibrant platform for students to showcase groundbreaking startup ideas.
It aimed to encourage collaboration through engaging team-building activities and interactive games, fostering quick thinking and teamwork. Moreover, the Flash Pitch Fiesta offered students the unique opportunity to present their startup ideas in a rapid-fire pitch format, emphasizing and showcasing the entrepreneurial potential.
Key highlights of the event included dynamic pitches from students, energizing team-building activities, and the interactive “Number Charades” game, infusing joy and laughter into the celebration. Valuable networking opportunities further enhanced connections among students and mentors, strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem within the college.
During the event, students generated a variety of innovative ideas spanning across diverse fields. The dynamic atmosphere of the Flash Pitch Fiesta, spurred creativity and prompted participants to present their unique and forward-thinking concepts. From technological solutions to social impact projects, the event became a fertile ground for students to share their entrepreneurial visions and contribute to the vibrant landscape of innovative thinking within the college community. Students came up with ideas of E-Notes App, Capsule Sanitizer,
Versatile Educational App based upon National Education Policy, My College Bus, Student’s Networking & Communication Platform, Career Guidance Opportunities, Dog Adoption App, Developer’s Community.
As IT Forum & IIC celebrate the success of the Flash Pitch Fiesta at DAV College, Jalandhar, they eagerly anticipate fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. Inspired by the dynamic ideas showcased, IIC look ahead to empowering future generations to push creative boundaries for a dynamic and impactful future.