“Maths in Action” program.

In a vibrant display of mathematical prowess, the PG Department of Mathematics at DAV College, Jalandhar, celebrated the acumen of budding mathematicians during “Maths in Action” program. The chief guest of the day, Principal Dr. Rajesh Kumar graced the occasion with his benign presence. At the very outset, he was accorded warm welcome by the Students Council of Bansi Lal Mathematical Society. The event started with DAV Anthem. In his formal address, Dr. S.K. Tuli, HoD, PG Dept. Of Mathematics extended a warm welcome to the worthy principal from the dias. He took the opportunity to explain the significance of the event being celebrated to commemorate e-day. Dr. Tuli’s eloquence and profound insights set a positive tone for the occasion.
The event, themed around showcasing mathematics in practical applications, captivated participants and audience alike. Students showcased their skills through chart presentations, PowerPoint demonstrations, and eloquent oratory presentations, all centered around the theme of mathematics in action. A panel of esteemed judges Dr. S.K. Tuli, Dr. P.K.Sharma and Prof. Sahil Nagpal meticulously evaluated each presentation, ultimately awarding first, second, and third prizes to the most outstanding performances.
The winners of the event were
1st prize
Ankur B.Sc. Sem 2 ( Eco.)
Minal Sharma B.Sc. Sem 6 ( C.Sc.)
2nd prize
Dev Sethi B.Sc. Sem 6 ( C.Sc.)
Saloni B.Sc. Sem 6 (Eco.)
3rd prize
Akanksha B.Sc. Sem 6( C.Sc.)
Ravinder M.Sc. Sem 2 (Mathematics)
Meanwhile, the audience actively participated in solving mathematical riddles, further highlighting the enthusiasm and talent present at the event. Principal Dr. Rajesh Kumar, while offering his blessings to the students and congratulating the department for organizing such an innovative and impactful event, summarised the event by commenting that “No Maths, no life.” He also incorporated the engaging tone by adding short math questions into his speech in a unique and interactive manner, sparking both curiosity and amusement among attendees.
Prof. Ranjita Guglani and Prof. Jasmeen Kaur conducted the event in a captivating manner setting the tone for an intellectually stimulating event.
The event concluded with the formal vote of thanks by Dr. Ashu Bahl, President Bansilal Mathematical Society. She expressed her sincere gratitude for the overwhelming participation and enthusiasm from everyone involved.
The event emphasized the department’s commitment to nurturing mathematical talent and fostering a love for the subject among students.The “Maths in Action” event not only celebrated the achievements of budding mathematicians but also underscored the practical relevance and real-world applications of mathematics in various fields. As the day concluded, it left a lasting impression, inspiring students to continue exploring the endless possibilities of mathematics beyond the confines of textbooks.