“Exploring Applications in Diversified Fields”.

“Department of Chemistry Hosts Seminar on Eco-friendly Innovative Materials: Exploring Applications in Diversified Fields”
PG Department of Chemistry under the aegis of S. S. Bhatnagar Chemical Society and Institution Innovation Council jointly organized a seminar on “Eco-Friendly Innovative Materials: Applications in Diversified Fields” under the guidance and motivation of Principal Dr. Rajesh Kumar and dynamic leadership of Head, Department of Chemistry Prof. Sheetal Aggarwal. Dr. B. S. Kaith, Professor HAG, Department of Chemistry, NIT Jalandhar was the Eminent Speaker and the Resource Person of the day. The event started with a warm welcome from Dr. Amandeep Kaur (Incharge, S. S. Bhatnagar Chemical Society). A formal welcome address to the Resource Person was delivered by Prof. Sheetal Aggarwal, HOD, Department of Chemistry. She then introduced the Resource Person to the audience and explained the importance of eco-friendly innovative materials in preserving the planet’s delicate ecosystem. She emphasized the critical role that education plays in bringing about positive change by promoting the use of sustainable and environment friendly innovative materials. The various departmental achievements were highlighted by Prof. Aggarwal to the audience. Principal, Dr. Rajesh Kumar while addressing the event, stressed the need for interdisciplinary partnerships to accelerate research, development, and implementation of sustainable solutions. He encouraged everyone present there to shift their focus on long-term, sustainable solutions that protect the future of our world. About 45 students from postgraduate and graduate classes from different disciplines attended the seminar.
Dr. Kaith, a renowned expert in the field of materials science, captivated attendees with his insightful discourse on the development and applications of eco-friendly materials. Drawing from his extensive research and practical experience, he shed light on the importance of sustainable materials in addressing pressing environmental concerns. The seminar delved into a wide array of topics, which includes the synthesis of biodegradable polymers, hydrogels and the various applications of hydrogels. Through engaging presentations and interactive discussions, Dr. Kaith emphasized the crucial role of chemistry in driving innovation towards a greener future. From biomedical implants to environmental remediation and sustainable packaging, the versatility of hydrogels continues to inspire innovation in numerous fields. One of the highlights of the seminar was the exploration of practical applications across diversified fields. Attendees were inspired by examples showcasing how eco-friendly materials are transforming sectors such as packaging, construction, and healthcare. During the discussion session, participants seized the opportunity to exchange ideas and seek guidance from Dr. Kaith on incorporating sustainable materials into their various fields. His insightful responses provided valuable insights and encouraged further discussions on potential research avenues.
The seminar concluded on a high note, leaving attendees inspired and equipped with newfound knowledge and perspectives on the transformative potential of eco-friendly materials. As the world continues to confront environmental challenges, events like these serve as catalysts for innovation, paving the way for a more sustainable and prosperous future.
In the end, Dr. Isha Behal (IIC, Member) proposed a formal vote of thanks. She extends heartfelt thanks to the Esteemed Resource Person, Worthy Principal, HOD Chemistry, IIC Convenor, Incharge S. S. Bhatnagar Chemical Society, faculty members and students for making the event successful. She expressed her gratitude to Prof Punit Puri (HOD, Department of Zoology), Prof. Tnu Mahajan, Dr. Savneet, Dr. Pooja, Dr. Shilpa, Dr. Sonika and Dr. Manpreet for their presence. She thanked each and every person directly or indirectly associated with the event.