International Patent Granted to Prof. Punit Puri.

International Patent Granted to Prof. Punit Puri.
Prof. Punit Puri, Head PG Department of Zoology was honored by Principal Dr. Rajesh Kumar for his glorious achievement, as he is granted the Design Patent by Intellectual Property Office, Comptroller-General of Patents, Design and Trade Marks, United Kingdom. The topic of Design patent of Prof Punit Puri is “PORTABLE DEVICE FOR BONE CANER DETECTION specially MYELOMA CELLS”. Principal Dr. Rajesh Kumar remarked that Prof. Punit Puri is a competent teacher as well as a progressive learner and researcher. He informed that this is a novel achievement for the college and motivated all the faculty members to get their research works patented and copyrighted. Dr. Rajesh Kumar expressed his confidence that Prof. Punit Puri will continue with his research work and be a source of inspiration for other researchers. Many students along with the faculty members are constantly indulging themselves in various innovation activities. DAV College Jalandhar has achieved 4 IPRs and many more are in the pipeline. All these achievements speak a volume about the college commitment towards providing a world class education.
Prof. Punit Puri had already been granted a Design Patent in august 2023 for COPD Device for detection of lung disease under Copyright and Patent Act by Copyright Office, Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trade Marks (CGPDTM), Mumbai. The Office of CGPDTM is a sub-ordinate office under the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India.
Giving information about his research and patented device design, Prof. Punit Puri said that his designed device can detect cancer cells without invasive and expensive surgery. As the device can detect and analyze cancer cells from blood samples, enabling doctors to avoid invasive biopsy surgeries and monitor treatment progress, those with suspected cancer, particularly in organs such as the liver, colon, or kidney, often require surgery for a definitive diagnosis. Prof Puri told that getting a biopsy can cause discomfort to patients, as well as an increased risk of complications due to surgery and higher costs, but by using new portable device an accurate cancer diagnosis can be achieved which is vital to effective treatment. Managing cancer through the assessment of tumor cells in blood samples is far less invasive than taking tissue biopsies.
Dr. Ashu Bahl Dean, Research and Development was also present on the occasion and congratulated Prof. Puri for his magnificent achievement.