Children Science Congress.

Proud Moment for DAV College as Dr. Komal Arora Joins Evaluator List at 31st Children Science Congress.
DAV College Jalandhar celebrates a proud moment as Dr. Komal Arora represents the institution among the esteemed evaluators at the Children Science Congress held at Rayat Bahra Group of Institutions in Hoshiarpur. This event, supported by the Punjab State Council for Science and Technology (PSCST) Chandigarh, showcased the scientific acumen of students.
A spectacular exhibition of scientific aptitude unfolded as students hailing from 23 districts of Punjab took center stage. Dr. Arora’s expertise and discernment contributed significantly to the selection of projects demonstrating outstanding scientific merit. The dynamic and spirited ambiance of the event echoed the vibrancy of Punjab’s young scientific minds, underlining the promise of ground breaking ideas. As the selected projects from the State Level move forward to the National level, they carry with them the aspirations and ingenuity of Punjab’s future scientific leaders.
The event underscored collaboration between educational institutions and the PSCST, emphasizing the collective dedication to nurturing young scientific minds.