“Cyber Crimes against Women”.

PG Department of Computer Science & Institution ‘s Innovation Council, DAV College, Jalandhar successfully completed Group Discussion event on the topic “Cyber Crimes against Women” on 02.02.2024.The purpose of the event was to shed light on the increasing threats of cybercrimes, particularly those affecting women, and to discuss strategies for prevention and safety. The event witnessed an encouraging turnout, with 40 students actively participating in the discussions and activities.
Principal Dr. Rajesh Kumar expressed heartfelt appreciation for the impactful event, emphasizing the critical need for such initiatives in today’s digital landscape. He commended the organizing team, acknowledging the efforts in raising awareness about cybercrimes against women. He highlighted the importance of staying vigilant online and encouraged continued engagement in similar educational endeavors to create a safer digital environment for all.
Dr. Nischay Bahl, Head, Computer Science, provided valuable insights into the evolving nature of cybercrimes and their impact on women. The heart of the event, group discussions, facilitated open conversations on the challenges faced by women in the digital realm. Students actively engaged in sharing experiences and proposing effective strategies.
The event included a segment focusing on real-life scenarios, offering a glimpse into the harsh realities women encounter online. This element aimed at creating awareness and empathy among participants. Practical strategies for enhancing online safety were discussed, empowering students with knowledge on securing personal information and staying vigilant in the digital space. The Q&A session provided an opportunity for students to seek clarifications, share concerns, and deepen their understanding of the presented topics.
Dr. Rajeev Puri, Convenor, Institution’s Innovation council motivated students to take it as a responsibility to be innovative and think out of the box while designing Websites/Applications/ Softwares to provide more safeguards and solutions for the unseen danger of the virtual world.
The whole session was crafted by Ms. Namarta Kapoor, President, IT Forum & Member, Institution’s Innovation Council. Her guidance and expertise were instrumental in shaping the academic aspects of cyber awareness initiative. She urged students to internalize the lessons learned, emphasizing the responsibility each individual holds in fostering a secure online environment for women.
“Cyber Crimes Against Women” event marked a significant step toward creating a safer digital environment. The event achieved its objectives by fostering awareness, encouraging dialogue, and equipping students with practical knowledge to navigate the digital world safely.