‘Mukhya Yajman’- Hawan Yajna

Even Semester commences at D.A.V. College Jalandhar with a Hawan Yajna.
The new semester began in the college with a Hawan Yajna in which Principal Dr. Rajesh Kumar performed the duties of ‘Mukhya Yajman’.
After the Hawan Dr. Rajesh Kumar in his address highlighted the teachings of Swami Dayanand Sararwati and his significant contribution towards girl education. He told that today not only DAV organisation but the whole country is celebrating 200th birth anniversary of Swami ji. This year Govt. of India is organising a national event in honour of swamiji as ‘YUG PURUSH’ at Tankara, the birth place of swami ji in Gujrat from 12th to 14th February.
A Memorial in his name is also being built by DAV organisation at the land allocated by the government. Dr. Rajesh Kumar also invited everyone to be a part of this programme. He also told that it was Swami Dayanand ji who translated Vedas in Hindi for the benefit of common people.
He also talked about the importance of Yajna and how it purifies the environment as well as internally. All the teachers and students enthusiastically participated in the Hawan and offered Ahutis in the pious fire for the peace, growth and positivity to prevail in the college and the universe. Pandit Budhdev Shastri concluded the Yajna with Vedic customs.
Senior Vice-Principal, Prof. Salil Kumar Uppal, Registrar, Prof. Kunwar Deepak, Deputy Registrar, Prof. Naresh Sharma, Staff Secretary, Dr. Sanjeev Dhawan, Dr. S. K. Tuli, Prof. Ritu Talwar, other teaching and non-teaching staff members and students graced the occasion.