Donation of water coolers

Donation of water coolers by Capital Foundation, an initiative of Capital Small Finance Bank Limited.
Mr. Munish Jain, Chief Operating Officer, Capital Small finance bank, Jalandhar is an illustrious alumnus of DAV College, Jalandhar who donated four water coolers along with purifiers to the college. The primary purpose of this donation was to provide better amenities for the students and staff members.
Their dedication to giving back to their alma mater is commendable. It also reflects their ongoing connection with the institution and their desire to contribute positively to its growth.
DAV College extends its heartfelt gratitude to the alumni community for their thoughtful and valuable contribution. Principal Dr. Rajesh Kumar, appreciated their contribution and extended heartful gratitude to Capital Foundation on the behalf of the students and staff members for their thoughtful generosity. Also, Ms Isha Sehgal, Dean Alumni, expressed sincerest indebtedness for their kind act towards the college.
The college administration recognizes the significance of alumni involvement in shaping the institution’s present and future and we are certain that our alumnus will continue to shower their benevolence in future times to come.