Debate competition

A dynamic exploration of the intersection between artificial intelligence (AI) and employment took center stage as PG Department of Computer Science in collaboration with Institutional Innovation Council, DAV College, Jalandhar successfully concluded its thought-provoking debate competition. The event brought together brilliant minds from computer science department in two teams, igniting impassioned discussions on the topic “AI Will Take All Your Jobs in the Future.” Two teams consisting of 16 participants exhibited their exceptional eloquence, analytical acumen, and keen insight into the evolving landscape of technology and its implications for the workforce.
Senior Vice Principal Prof. Salil Kumar Uppal motivated students with his encouraging words that Debate competitions offer a unique platform for students to delve into complex subjects and develop their abilities to communicate effectively. Dr. Nischay Bahl, Head, Computer Science remarked that the topic of AI and employment is particularly pertinent in today’s rapidly evolving world, and we’re thrilled to see our students engaged with it so passionately. The event successfully conducted under the supervision of Ms.Namarta Kapoor, President, IT Forum.
The distinguished panel of judges Dr. Nischay Bahl, Prof. Monika Chopra, Coordinator, Artificial Intelligence Value Added Course, Dr. Rajeev Puri Convener, IIC, faced the challenging task of evaluating the debaters’ logical reasoning, persuasive skills, and ability to present well-researched arguments. The judges commended the participants for their depth of understanding and ability to articulate both the potential benefits and drawbacks of increased AI integration in various sectors.
Winners of the Event are:
Abhishek (B.Sc. IT), Mukta (B.Sc. IT), Mahima (BCA), Akanksha (B.Sc. CS), Deva (BCA), Mahima (BCA), Neha(BCA), Jhalak (BCA)
The event culminated in a gripping final debate, where the finalists skillfully navigated the nuances of the topic. The participants displayed a commendable grasp of economic, social, and ethical considerations surrounding AI and its potential to reshape industries and job markets.
Ms. Namarta Kapoor, President, IT Forum said that debate competition underscores the team’s dedication to fostering well-rounded individuals equipped to analyze and engage with complex issues. The event provided a glimpse into the minds of the future generation as they contemplate the challenges and opportunities presented by advancing technologies.
IT Forum is thankful to Principal, Dr. Rajesh Kumar for his commitment to providing students with a transformative educational experience. The institution continues to prepare students to excel in an ever-changing world. The debate competition is a testament to institution’s head dedication to nurturing intellectual curiosity and preparing students for the challenges of tomorrow.