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College Magazine ‘The Ravi’ 2023 of DAV College, Jalandhar Released.
Education and culture are imbibed at DAV College Jalandhar – Shri Irwin Khanna, Chief Guest.
We have always given priority to the all-round development of the students. – Principal Dr. Rajesh Kumar
Thanks to the entire editorial team for the publication of Ravi – Dr. Ashok Khurana
The college magazine The Ravi 2023 of North India’s prestigious DAV College, Jalandhar which has entered its 106th year, was released on Saturday, August 12, 2023 by Mr. Irwin Khanna, Editor-in- Chief, Dainik Uttam Hindu. The inauguration ceremony was held in the Chemistry Seminar Hall of the college. Principal Dr. Rajesh Kumar and Chief Editor of the magazine, Dr. Ashok Kumar Khurana and Executive Editor, Prof. Sharad Manocha welcomed the chief guest Mr. Irwin Khanna, Editor-in-Chief, Uttam Hindu and a proud alumnus of the college.
Addressing the audience, Mr. Irwin Khanna recalled his memories during days spent in the college as a student from 1968 to 1974 and said when you reach as a chief guest in your almamater, you feel really ecstatic and honoured. He thanked the college Principal for the invitation and the honour extended to him. He said that at present students must pay attention to the art of writing. A student who is well versed in writing is able to express his thoughts properly and one’s writing style is able to identify him to the readers. Mr. Irwin Khanna said that both education and culture are imbibed at DAV College Jalandhar.
Principal Dr. Rajesh Kumar thanked the chief guest Mr. Irwin Khanna and said that the entire editorial team deserves congratulations for the launch of the college magazine after a gap of seven long years and assured everyone to continue this publication annually. He said that DAV College has always given priority to the all-round development of the students.
Chief Editor Dr. Ashok Kumar Khurana, while thanking everyone, shared his sweet and sour experiences during the preparation and publication of the college magazine. He told that it took some time to solve the problems related to the language of the publication material in the magazine, but with the co-operation of the students and the editorial board, everything was achieved amicably and the publication of _The Ravi_at last became a reality. Principal Dr. Rajesh Kumar and the college staff honoured the chief guest Mr. Irwin Khanna by presenting a shawl and a memento as a token of love and thanks. Stage was conducted meticulously by Prof. Sharad Manocha, ExecutiveEditor of the magazine. Dr. Rajwant Kaur, Dr. Dinesh Arora, Prof. Vishal Sharma, Prof.Sandeepna Sharma, Dr.Varun Dev Vasistha, Dr. Gurjit Kaur, Prof.Tnu Mahajan, Prof. Ranjita Guglani, Prof.Vivek Sharma and students were present.