Krishna Janmashtami with Enthusiasm and Devotion.

DAV Girls Hostel Celebrates Krishna Janmashtami with Enthusiasm and Devotion.
DAV Girls Hostel, Jalandhar In a splendid display of devotion and cultural fervor, the girls of DAV Hostel commemorated the auspicious occasion of Krishna Janmashtami on the night of September 9, 2023. The festivities commenced at approximately 9:30 PM, enveloping the premises in an atmosphere of vibrant colors and spirited performances by the students. The celebration was a tapestry of artistry, weaving together various scenes from Lord Krishna’s illustrious life. Among the enactments were the iconic reenactment of Krishna’s divine birth, the playful exchanges between young Krishna and the gopis, the enduring friendship of Krishna and Sudama, the profound teachings of Lord Krishna, and the vanquishing of the malevolent Kansa. Distinguished dignitaries from the college faculty graced the occasion with their presence. Notable attendees included the esteemed Registrar, Prof. Deepak, Vice Principal Prof. Archana, Prof. Sonika, Prof. Pradeep, Prof. Pooja, and the Head of the Sanskrit Department, Prof. Ritu Talwar. The whole celebration took place under the bale guidance of Hostel warden Mrs. Rumila. As the night unfolded, the students delivered a series of vivacious performances, captivating the audience with their talent and dedication. The pinnacle of the celebration arrived at midnight when a customary ritual was observed, symbolized by the breaking of the ‘handi,’ which was filled with Lord Krishna’s beloved makhan. In the spirit of generosity and communal celebration, students extended their heartfelt blessings to all present by distributing prasad. The Principal, Dr. Rajesh Kumar, extended warm wishes of Janmashtami to everyone, emphasizing the profound teachings imbibed in Lord Krishna’s life. Dr. Kumar underlined the paramount importance of patience, drawing a parallel to Krishna’s unwavering hold on the Sudarshan Chakra, which he employed only in the direst of circumstances. He illuminated the virtue of forgiveness, narrating the parable of Shishupal, where Lord Krishna displayed his magnanimity by offering forgiveness for ninety-nine transgressions before retribution was exacted on the hundredth. In his concluding remarks, Dr. Kumar encouraged the students to internalize these invaluable lessons from Lord Krishna’s life and apply them in their own journeys. The Krishna Janmashtami celebration at DAV Girls Hostel stands as a testament to the enduring cultural legacy and spiritual richness that continues to be nurtured within the institution. It was an evening of not only revelry but also of profound reflection on the teachings of Lord Krishna, encapsulating the ethos of this revered festival.