Poetry Recitation Competition

The Post-graduate Department of English, D.A.V. College, Jalandhar, organised a mesmerising Poetry Recitation Competition, “The Soulful Symphony” on September 05, 2023. The event, coinciding with the celebration of Teachers’ Day, was graced by the esteemed Chief Guest, Principal Dr. Rajesh Kumar alongwith Prof. Salil Kumar Uppal, Senior Vice Principal and Head, P. G. Department of English. Sh. R. K. Gupta, a revered DAV Alumnus, and a distinguished philanthropist was the special guest of the occasion. The event commenced with a serene lamp lighting ceremony, symbolising the enlightenment that poetry brings to our lives. Prof. Suruchi Katla, Incharge, the English Seminar, accorded a warm welcome to the guests and offered a comprehensive overview of the event, underscoring the enduring relevance of poetry in the contemporary world. Prof. Salil Kumar Uppal, the Head of the Department, delivered a profound address, shedding light on the essence of Teachers’ Day and the multifaceted roles and responsibilities that educators shoulder in shaping future generations. Principal Dr. Rajesh Kumar shared inspiring words with the students, setting the tone for an intellectual journey that such literary events aim at. Sh. R. K. Gupta reminisced about his fond memories of the college as a veteran alumnus and encouraged the students to give back to their alma mater what all they can once they get well settled in life.
The celebration of Teachers’ Day was marked by a delightful cake-cutting ceremony, paying homage to the dedication and commitment of teachers committed to the cause of education. The heart of the event was the poetry recitation competition, where 17 participants enthralled the audience with famous verses and self-composed poems. The panel of judges, consisting of Prof. Naresh Kumar and Dr. Varun Dev Vasishtha, ensured an absolutely fair adjudication of performances. The climax of “The Soulful Symphony” was the announcement of
the winners, with Tushar Chadha bagging the First Prize, Divishi Verma securing the Second Prize, Muskaan getting the Third Prize. Daljeet Kaur received the Consolation Prize. The event was further enriched by the gracious presence of many other faculty members, including Prof. Gurjit Singh, Prof. Mamta, Prof. Palak, Prof. Pallavi, Prof. Gagandeep and Prof. Roopreet.