“Budget Analysis-2023”

Union Budget 2023-24 is the most ambitious budget of Amrit Kaal. The Student Council of DAV College Jalandhar organized a “Budget Analysis-2023” competition on the Union Budget.
Union Budget 2023-24 is the most ambitious budget of Amritkal. With this, the country will get better opportunities to work in various sectors. Various contestants expressed this idea in the “Budget Analysis Competition” held on Union Budget 2023-24 at DAV College. This competition was organized by the Student Advisory and Welfare Council of the college.
17 college teams had registered in this competition, out of which eight teams, after rigorous screening, presented their presentation in the final round. The teams talked more on infrastructure, education and giving benefits to salaried employees. Everyone did their analysis through PPT. The teams were given ten to fifteen minutes for the budget analysis.
Sourav and Vaibhav’s team while speaking on “Infra-structure and its financing” said that the budget has actually laid the foundation for the all-round development of the country. With the development of infrastructure in rural areas, employment opportunities will increase and the year The target of one trillion digital economy will also be met by 2028. Agriculture and horticulture sector will get a boost. This year the Union Budget for the financial year 2023-24 aims to further strengthen India’s economic condition. In India’s 75th year of independence, the world has recognized the Indian economy as a ‘bright star’ with economic growth estimated at 7 per cent, the highest among all major economies.
Hrithik and Neha’s team analyzed the budget from the perspective of a common man Ram Lal, they said that the Union Budget for FY 2023-24 with a focus on youth, opportunities for citizens, development and employment generation, strong and stable macro-economic environment. The seven priorities, called Saptarshis, adopted in the Union Budget for FY 2023-24 to guide the country towards the ‘Amrit Kaal’ will provide a blueprint for a strong and inclusive economy. Hrithik lists seven priorities of the budget including inclusive growth, reaching the last mile, infrastructure and investment, unlocking potential, green growth, youth and financial sector.
The team of Shweta and Meghna spoke on “Impact of Industry and MSME, Trades for the State”. He said that startups and entrepreneurs will be encouraged in the budget. There are favorable conditions in different states for developing infrastructure for the manufacture of essential railway materials. The country can do better work in the field of Bio Energy, Govardhan Yojana, Green Energy. Works will get speed in PPP model.
Sakshi and Anushka’s team while speaking on “Tax Structure and Changes” said that this is a growth budget. He said that the aim of the government is to eliminate income tax cuts and exemptions. Efforts have been made in the budget to provide convenience to people of all income groups. He said that the emphasis in the budget has been on “Indic Centric Growth Model”. Provisions have been made to increase in-hand income.
All the teams focused their analysis on aspects such as health and nutrition, education, infrastructure, energy, science and technology, agriculture and social justice.
College Principal Dr. Rajesh Kumar while praising the student council congratulated the students for participating in the competition and in the end informed the participants about the main points of the budget. He said that at present the Indian economy is the sixth largest economy in the world, which will become the third largest economy by the year 2028.
Dean Student Welfare Prof. Manish Khanna thanked the judges of the competition Dr. Sanjeev Dhawan, Dr. Naveen Sood and Prof. Shweta thanked along with all the teams and honored the winners with certificates.
First: Sourav and Vaibhav, Hrithik and Neha
Second: Sakshi and Anushka
Third: Shweta and Meghna, Shruti and Neetika
Consolation 1: Taruna and Nisha
Consolation 2: Manya and Sanya
Consolation 3: Chetan and Nishtha