Fun Fest 2023

Hostel life is amazing, especially with teachers, events and games!
What makes a hostel home is that quality time spent together; this is exactly what was done in the craziest event that was organised in DAV Girls Hostel on February 26, 2023,
The event was a sports day but with a lot of fun and twists, “Fun Fest 2023.”
Our respected Principal Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Hostel Wardens Mrs. Rumila Verma and Mrs. Renu Mahajan, along with all the staff members Prof. Punit Puri, Prof. Pooja Sharma, Prof. Manu Sood, Dr. Bhartendu Singla, Prof. Sahil Nagpal, Prof. Rajan Sharma, Prof. Aashu, Dr. Anupam, Dr. Shivani Verma and Saurav enjoyed this evening with the resident scholars. This was not just an ordinary sports day but a sports event with lots and lots of fun twisted games such as Caterpillar race, Khatron ke khiladi, Ande ka Fanda, Popatlal ka chhata and many more exciting games.
The games and overall environment not only helped in bodily exercise, but it also played a major role in laughter exercise!!!
The Principal and all the staff members were enlightened by the innovation of the resident scholars and their crazy plans of games. This evening vanished away all the tiredness and everyone in the field was just showered with happiness and excitement….!!
Principal Dr. Rajesh Kumar blessed the students with his blessings and well wishes and appreciated their morale and gave appreciation awards to the winners. Not only this but Principal Sir himself participated in the final round of tug of war along with Prof. Manu Sood.
The enthusiasm and energy of participants were on cloud nine and this made the evening go even more crazy and mad!