DAVians 1st Runner up in Inter College Competitions M^2@ DCJ-2022

Students of department of Mathematics and Computer Science, DAV College, Jalandhar participated in the ‘Inter College Competitions M^2@ DCJ-2022’ organized by Doaba College, Jalandhar. The primary objective of this Tech Fest was to bring out the exciting aspects of science, its linkage with culture and society to highlight its role in addressing current and future challenges. More than 50 students of DAV College, Jalandhar participated in this event and bagged ‘Ist Runner Up trophy’ and ‘Maximum Event Participation trophy’. Dr. Seema Sharma got ‘Best Teacher Award’ and ‘Award of Appreciation’ during the event.
Principal Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Dr. S.K. Tuli, HOD, Mathematics Dept. and Dr. Nischay Behl, HOD Computer Science Deptt. congratulated the students and the teachers for their achievements.
Students won Ist prize in the events- Logic Development, Ad-Mad show, Rangoli, Model Exhibition, 2nd prize in the events – Best out of the waste, Web Skills, Software Showcase, Origami, Choreography, Pre prepared Poster making, Skit and Creative Writing and 3rd prize in the events – Science Quiz, Mimicry, IT Collage, Explore the Web, Extempore, Rock n’ Roll, Mathematics for fun, Net Savy. Dr. Seema Sharma and Prof. Ranjeeta Guglani accompanied the students.