World Ozone Day Celebration

“World Ozone Day” celebrated at DAV College, Jalandhar

An extension lecture on the occasion of “World Ozone Day” was organized by Environment consciousness committee, DAV College, Jalandhar. Prof. Punit Puri, Dean Academics and Head, Department of Zoology, DAV College, Jalandhar graced the occasion as a Resource Person. In the beginning of the program, Prof. Rajan Sharma welcomed all the distinguished guests present in the seminar Hall.

On this occasion Principal Prof. Salil Kumar Uppal while congratulating the organizing committee and the participating students, said that World Ozone Day is celebrated every year on 16 September to commemorate the signing of the Montreal Protocol that seeks to phase out the production and consumption of substances that damage the ozone layer. It is an international environmental treaty that came into force on this day in 1987. In the present time, the work of public awareness through such events is very relevant. In times of environmental crisis, it is imperative to be conscious of environmental protection.

Resource Person Prof. Punit Puri, while providing information about the ozone layer through his PPT lecture, said that the theme of World Ozone Day in the year 2022 is “Montreal Protocol @ 35: Global Cooperation to Protect Life on Earth”. The ozone layer protects the earth from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation from the sun. If the ozone layer is completely depleted then it will cause serious harm to the living beings and the planet Earth. If we come in direct contact with UV rays, it can cause harmful diseases like skin cancer.

On this occasion Prof. Rajan Sharma, Prof. Rahul Sekhri, Prof. Raj Kirpal Singh, Dr. Isha Behl, Prof. Pankaj Bagga and students were present. In the end, Dr. Vinod Bishnoi Dean, ECC proposed the vote of thanks. Dr. Isha Behl conducted the stage and Mr. Abhishek played the role of technical moderator.