Invited talk: Basics of Material Science (Organized by Deptt of Physics on 28-Oct-2021, under DBT Star College Scheme.)

Invited talkBasics of Material Science” on  28-Oct-2021

Physics association of PG Department of Physics, DAV College Jalandhar organised an invited talk on the topic “ Basics of Material Science” on 28-Oct-2021, under DBT Star College Scheme. The talk was delivered by Dr. D.P. Singh, who is Head, Department of Physics at  G.N.D.U. Amritsar.

                        Dr. Ritu Pal (Prof. Incharge, Physics Association) welcomed the resource person and then invited Prof. Kunwar Rajeev (Head, Physics Department) to introduce the resource person to the students. After this Dr. Ritu Pal invited Dr. Sharanjit Kaur (DBT-Coordinator) to share her views. Dr. Sharanjit Kaur make students aware of DBT Star College Scheme and also briefly introduced the field material science to the students. Thereafter she invited Dr. D.P. Singh for the talk.

                        Dr. D.P. Singh started his talk with introduction of materials (natural and man-made materials) and discussed evolution of materials with time as well as with technology. He also made comparision between the cycle of natural materials and man-made materials. Afterwards, he explained role of material scientists and materials engineers in the field of material science and then discussed classification of materials on the basis of size of system under consideration. The terms band gap engineering and polymer grafting have been introduced to the students with relevant daily life examples. And then he discussed about allotropes of carbon, concept of grain boundaries, role of grain boundaries in optical properties of materials and role of band gap in color of materials. Further he shared some SEM images of Zinc Oxide with the students and talked about the effect of different conditions during material preparation on its resultant properties. He also made students aware of the basic concepts of nanotechnology and role of surface to volume ratio on material properties. Dr. D.P. Singh further emphasised on the effect of cooling temperature, crystal morphology and lattice parameters on material properties. He also gave insight into the basic principle of making biodegradable plastic, in which he mentioned about how inclusion of weak bonds (UV light sensitive) can increase the rate of decompostion of plastic. Finally, he conferred about some post processing treatments such as heat treatment, sintering and annealing. The talk was full of correlated daily life examples and was extremely beneficial to the students.

                        After the talk a planter was presented to Dr. D.P. Singh by the faculty members and then Dr. Hemant Kumar gave vote of thanks to the speaker for his well informed and interesting talk to the students. The Department of Physics D.A.V. College Jalandhar expresses its gratitude towards DBT Star College Scheme for constant support.

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