ALL INDIA VAYU SAINIK CAMP(05-10-2019 to 15-10-2019)

ALL INDIA VAYU SAINIK CAMP(AIVSC) is most prestigious camp of NCC (Air wing). This year AIVSC was held at Air Force Station at Jodhpur in Rajasthan. Out of 496 cadets in the camp, three cadets (02 SD & 01 SW) of Jalandhar unit were selected for AIVSC.

Cadet Ankush Bhagat of our college was also selected in the Punjab Haryana Himachal Pradesh and Chandigarh Directorate. The selection of the cadets for AIVSC is very hard and the cadets have to go for 04 selection Pre Vayu Sainik Camps(PVSC). The selection for AIVSC is on the basis of Studies(special subject, Virus SOP and Health & hygiene) and events like Firing ( .22 & skeet shooting), Aero modeling, Drill & Line area,Tent Pitching and parade. Cadet Ankush was selected on the basis of academics for scoring highest marks in Jalandhar group and  also selected in .22 firing team.

In this camp, there were various competitions between the cadets of the 17 directorates.  Cadets also a lot of experience in flying of Chopper MI 17 and Virus. One day was selected for outing in Thar desert Rajasthan and Mehrangarh fort. It was an unforgetable and wonderful experience for the cadets.

Cadets got interacted with other cadets from 17 directorates situated at difference places in the whole country. Cadets also interacted with DG, DDG, and ADG of NCC and had dinner with them.