Pre Vasu Sainik Camp

Four cadets of DAV College Jalandhar have been selected for Pre Vayu Sainik Camp 3 (PVSC 3) is organized at NCC Academy Ropar from 15 September to 24 September 2019. This camp is organized for selection of cadets for All India Vayu Sainik Camp (AIVSC) to be held at Jodhpur.

In the camp there are 64 cadets from 8 NCC Groups (Jalandhar, Amritsar, Ludhiana, Patiala, Chandigarh, kullu, Hisar and Karnal) out of which 37 cadets will be selected on basis of their performance or merit. There are total 8 cadets (4 SD , 4SW) of Jalandhar Group, out of which all 4 SD are from our DAV college. Wg Cdr SK Sharma, CO of 1 PB Air Sqn Jalandhar along with him Cpl Avinash dubey and Cpl Nakul are also present in the camp with the cadets.

1. CWO Akshay

2. Cdt Ankush

3. Cdt Anurag

4. Cdt Sahil Thakur

The camp is conducted by 04 PB Air Sqn NCC Ludhiana and The Camp Commandant is Gp Cpt. AC SETHI. Commanding Officers of all the units and the PI staff is on duty at the camp.

The camp is very hard with a very tight schedule of various activities. Daily Schedule of camp is…

6:00am health run.

9:00am study class and exam

1:00pm lunch

4:30pm sports

6:30pm NRC

7:30pm dinner

Out of the above tight schedule, 18th September is flying day in which all selected cadets went to Patiala Flying Club, AFS Patiala for flying. The VIRUS SW 80 aircraft was used to give the super experience of flying to the cadets. Four CO’s of different Units did flying with cadets. Following the flying, cadets did lunch at AIRMAN Mess at AFS Patiala. Flying is the wonderful, adventurous and  lifetime experience for the cadets.

Along with flying there are many different activities like .22 FIRING, SKEET FIRING, AEROMODELLING , DRILL, TENT PITCHING, and many interaction sessions with CO’s and Group Commanders.