Tree Plantation Drive by NCC Cadets of DAV College, Jalandhar

The day September 1, 2019, the CADETS of NCC(AirWing), NCC(Army), NCC(Naval)  wings of DAV COLLEGE JALANDHAR participated in “TREE PLANTATION” drive. On this occasion various saplings of Neem, Tulsi , Amla, Bail etc. were planted. The main idea behind this was to retain the green cover of the place. More than 100 trees are planted in the college.

The cadets were explained the importance of planting the trees. The ANOs Flying Officer Dr. Lalit Goyal of NCC(Air Wing), Major Dr. S.K. Tuli of NCC(Army Wing), Lt. Manoj Kumar of NCC(Naval Wing) also participated in tree plantation drive.

Commanding Officer Wing Commander S.K. Sharma praised the cadets and motivated them for more and more trees to be planted. The PI Staff JWO J Chaturvedi, JWO Virender Pratap from 1(Pb) Air Sqn NCC Jalandhar were also present in the event. They also planted certain trees in the college campus.

Principal Dr. S.K. Arora explained the importance of planting trees to the cadets of DAV College. He explained the importance of caring the tree after these are planted. So, the cadets are also made custodians of the plants so that after cadet completes its college studies, he will remember the tree taken care by him/her. Principal Dr. S.K. Arora blessed the cadets for their future.