Activities performed by Physics Association (2018-19)

(1.) An invited talk entitled “Career Prospectus for Material Science students in Nuclear industry” was organised by Department of Physics on dated September 11, 2018 by Indian eminent scientist Dr. T.S.R. Murthy, Scientific Officer F, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre(BARC), Mumbai, India. Dr. T.S.R. Murthy currently working as Marie Curie Fellow in University of Birmingham, UK. His area of research is processing structure property of non oxide ceramics for the application in nuclear industry. His talk was mainly focused on current activities in BARC, nuclear program in India & career prospective for M.Sc. Students in nuclear energy and current progress in material & nuclear science. The talk was organised through skype & live interaction with the students was also held at the end of talk.

(2.) Physics association of DAV College Jalandhar organised a popular talk on the topic ‘ Raman and his Effect’ on February 7, 2019. The speaker was a renowned professor and a great researcher Dr Atul khanna from Department of physics, Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar. He did his Masters from IIT Delhi and also had worked as Scientific officer at BARC, Mumbai. He has more than 75 research papers in national and international journals to his credit along with many doctorate students who completed their degree under his guidance. He presented the story of Sir C V Raman and his Raman effect in a very mesmerising way and kept the students engrossed throughout the talk. The best part was, when he told the students that Raman was so confident about his Nobel prize in 1930 that he got his air tickets booked in July, although the award was to be announced in November. He was a focused scientist and had a very great observation and concentration power. The talk was appreciated by one and all.

3.) Under the aegis of Physics Association, department of physics organised Quiz competition, Poster presentation and Powerpoint presentation competition, on the occasion of “National Science Day” (Thursday, 28-Feb-2019). National Science day is celebrated all over India with great enthusiasm on 28th of February every year in order to commemorate the invention of the Raman Effect in India by the Indian physicist, Sir Chandrashekhara Venkata Raman on the same day in year 1928. For his invention, C.V. Raman was awarded and honored with the Nobel Prize in Physics in the year 1930.

On this occasion Head of Physics department Prof. Kunwar Rajiv addressed the students and motivated them. Students of all classes (UG & PG) participated in quiz competition, Poster presentation and PowerPoint presentation competition. The Science Day celebration events started with the powerpoint presentations. Students gave their presentations on topics LASER, Nanoparticles, Time Dilation, Composite and Smart Materials, Time and Relativity, Total internal reflection, Quantum Mechanics and Basics of Electronics. The presentations were judged by Dr. Atul Bhalla and Dr. Navjeet Kumar. In this competition Shivani (M.Sc I) got first position. She gave presentation on the topic of “Time Dilation”. Vaibhav Jain (B.Sc. II NM) got second position for presentation on topic of “LASER”. Also two consolation prizes were given to Anushka Sharma ( B.Sc. II NM) and Mithila Sood (B.Sc. I NM).

After this Dr. Atul Bhalla addressed students and gave them valuable suggestions for making effective powerpoint presentation.

After powerpoint presentation there was poster presentation session. Students displayed posters on different topics: We all are stardust, Newton’s Laws, dark Energy, Gravitational Force, Astronomy, Atom Model etc. The judges for this session were Dr. Hemant Kumar, Dr. Navjeet Kumar and Dr. Preety. Poster on “Dark Energy” presented by Yogesh (B.Sc. II CS) won first prize. Ankit Kumar (B.Sc. I CS) stood second with his poster on topic “We are all stardust”.

For quiz competition five teams were selected after screening test conducted by Prof. Sunil Thakur.  Finally Quiz competition is conducted by Dr. Sharanjit Sandhu and Dr. Reena Devi.  Team E got first position with team members being, Aneesh Sharma (B.Sc. III NM), Deepak Salaria (B.Sc. III NM), Sagar (B.Sc II NM), Nandini Sharma (B.Sc I NM). Team C got second position in which team members were Vaishali (M.Sc. ), Sudhanshu Sharma (B.Sc. III NM), Anushka Sharma (B.Sc. II NM), Himanshu (B.Sc. I NM).

For award ceremony our guest of honour was Prof Arun Mehra, Vice Principal DAV College Jalandhar. Prof Kunwar Rajiv welcomed him and briefly introduced students about the skills and achievements of Prof Arun Mehra.  After that Prof. Arun Mehra addressed students and shared his views. Winners of competition were then awarded by presenting planters. This was to promote the idea of “GO GREEN”.