Workshop for improving “Spoken English and Confidence Building” – day2

The workshop on “Spoken English and Confidence Building” started with same passion and ardour.
Prof. Renu Gupta and Prof. Sonika (English Department) were there to uplift the morale of the students.
Corporate trainer Mr. Rahul Sharma started the workshop with a learning recap of day 1. Where the students were made to speak on some Extempore topics such as Cloud, Orange, The red Sky, Ghost, Broken heart etc. Students were assessed on the spot and were provided real time feedback.
Next round was Picture Perception where Visuals were used to establish skills among the students to form sentence based on visual learning. Then a round was conducted where the students made to make a story based on certain phrases. Then a short break was given to the students.
After the break the third round of the day was conducted where students learnt the spoken skills through live visuals. There were a number of interactive activities where students were made to improve their spoken skills. Then Group perception round was conducted where students learnt about interpersonal communication skills.