Workshop for improving “Spoken English and Confidence Building” – day1

Communication Skills are the utmost requirement of competitive world these days. These skills cannot be acquired in a day, so to polish these skills in the students DAV College Jalandhar set up a 4 day workshop for improving “Spoken English and Confidence Building” which started on 11th of February under the leadership of Prof. Manav Aggarwal, Dean Training and Placement department.
The workshop was inaugurated by Principal  Dr. S.K Arora who appreciated the efforts of the department saying that each and every student has to increase their “Ecological Amplitude” in order to survive in the world where the theme of “Survival of the fittest” is applied.
Dr. Nischay Behl, Dean Research Department, Prof. Manish Arora and Prof. Renu Gupta blessed the students with their presence at the podium.
Prof. Manav Aggarwal breifed the Workshop and enlighten the students about value of Confidence in the modern world.
Then the Corporate Trainer Mr. Rahul Sharma started the workshop by breaking the ice where students were given a story and they had to complete it. Students were divided into various groups such as laughter group, newspaper group, motivation group etc.
Then the round of group role play started where students were given a hypothetical situation and they had to inact that.
Feedback was given on the spot.
Then a short break was given to the students.
After the break students were taught about the most connot phrases that should be used, examples of terms to be pronounced to smoothen their grip upon spoken english.
Then students were given some Extempore Topics to speak upon. Real time assessment was provided by the spokesperson.