Workshop on Resume Writing, Mock Interview & GD – Day 3

Day 3 of the 4 day workshop started off with the same enthusiasm, with which the students left on day 2. Under the kind supervision of Prof. Manav Aggarwal (Dean Training and Placements department) day 3 resumed its proceedings.

Prof. Manav welcomed the worthy guests Prof. Rajiv Sharma and Prof. Naveen Saini.

Speaker Sh. Rahul Sharma resumed the proceedings with little recap of the day 2.

Then live Group discussion session started where there was brain storming on various topics such as:

1. Is Politics run on the barrel of Gun?

2. Is Women a better manager then men?

3. Who is responsible for rapes in India?

4. Should the housewives be getting salary from government?

5. Should the outdoor sports be made compulsory in educational institutions?

6. Do we need religious or Spiritual gurus in our country?


The students made a great impact by presenting quotes, realistic examples and their point of view.

They were assessed on the spot and live feedback was provided to them.


The Second session of the day started with the concept of Interviews.

Where the students were told about Interview ethics and etiquettes. Speaker Rahul Sharma made them aware about various types of interviews, various types of preparations required for the interview and gave various anticipated questions asked in an interview.

The students relished the overall proceedings.