Academic Achievers Scheme

DAV College, Jalandhar's Management gave students a gift on its Centenary Year 

"Academic Achievers Scheme", attracted more attention this year. Last year 156 students took benefit of this scheme.

"In the year 2017-18, Naina of M Com has been given Rs. 39850, Rakhi Garg of BCA and Shivam Kumar were presented Rs 36350, Harshjot Singh, Neelakshi Gupta, Anmol Kapoor, Anushka Sharma and Tushar Sharma of B.Com were given Rs. 35250 each, Sharandeep Kaur was given Rs 27750, Surabhi Taneja, Kanika Chadha and Geetika have been awarded Rs 23125 per student, Sukhmani Kaur and Vaishali Rishi of MA were given Rs 21250 per student, M-Com's Ashima Mehta was given Rs 19925, 10 + 2 Abhishek Kaur was presented with Rs 19575, BA's Interjot Kaur was awarded Rs 19350, B-Com's Ashna Sonik, Nancy Jha, Khushboo Walia, Amanjnot Singh Walia, Muskan, Damanpreet Kaur, Samarth, Bhavuk, Avalpreet Kaur, Aniket Sharma, Garima Nagpal and Prabhashan Kaur were awarded withRs 17625 per student, Miti Basra of Msc got 17000."

In 2017-18 86 students got scholarships from Rs10000 to Rs.40000, 42 students from Rs.7000 to Rs. 10000, 28 students got scholarships of Rs.4000 to Rs.7000. In Scholarship Scheme, from 10 + 1 to all of the postgraduate students were covered.

DAV College celebrating its centenary year has brought a great discount gift to its students once again. The principal of the college, Dr. S. K. Arora said that the college has started the "Academic Achievers Scheme" last year, which has been made more effective this year, in which the academic students will get special financial facilities for their excellent results. For us, our students are the most important, and we want them to work harder to give them better facilities to encourage and inspire them, so college management is taking this important step.

Financial facilities to be given this year in various fields

1. For students seeking admission in first year B.BA, BSc, BCA, B.Com, B.Sc and scored 80%-85% marks in any board results in 10 + 2 will get 20% discount on college fee, students receiving 85-90% marks will get 30% college fee discount,Meritorious students and students with 90-93% marks will be able to take advantage of 50% discounts on college fees and if the students bring more than 93% marks in their results, then the entire college fee will be waived.

(2) Students who are entering the XI and XII class have also been prepared to make financial benefits this time, in the board and college results, if students get 80-85% marks, then they will be given a discount of 25% in college fees. Students receiving 85-90% marks will get 50% discount in college fee, meritorious students with 90- 93% marks will be able to take advantage of 70% discount in college fees, students who score more than 93% will need not to pay college fee.

(3) If the students do not fall under the prescribed percentage capping, but the student has topped the school, then he will also get the benefit of this scheme. On bringing the first position in the school 5,000, 4,000 for the second position and 3,000 for the third position will be discounted on college fee.

(4) If the student has secured first place or gold medal in the university, then the entire college fee will be waived.

For the second position in the university, 75% discount on college fee will be available. Third, fourth and fifth university positions holders will be provided with 60% discount on college fee. Even if the student is included in the merit list of the university, he will also be given a discount of half college fees.

If the students studying in the college do top from college, they will also get a 40% discount on college fees, provided that their minimum marks should be 65 percent.