BFST students got top three positions in BFST Sem I univ Exams

DAV College again clean sweeped in the university results placing themself at the top three position. DAV again rocked & continued its legacy!!

BFST students got top three positions in the university merit list in the BFST first semester university examination

Manpreet a brilliant student scored 312/400 and stood first in the university. She paid heartfelt gratitude to her teachers and parents for her consistent success and quotes "classroom teaching , family's assistance helped me succeed". Tanya wants to join the food industry.



Palak secured 305/500 marks and got 2nd position in the university. She quoted " hardwork and dedication are the key to success ".

Sunita scored 295/400 marks and stood 3rd in the university. She gave the credit of her success to her gurus and her family.

Principal Dr S K Arora quoted " Such consistent success is the result of extensive hardwork on the part of students and teachers , mutual trust and confidence and dedication towards each other".

Prof Bhartendu Singla (HOD) took great pride in the rocking results and quoted "the sole reason behind such great results are the root facilities given by the college, dedicated teachers and hardworking students ".

Principal Dr S K Arora, congratulated HOD Bhartendu Singla , Prof Anu Gupta , Prof Pankaj gupta , Prof Jyotsna , Prof Jaswinder for such outstanding performance in the university resultant