Department of Commerce organised ‘FDP cum Workshop’

D.A.V College’s Post Graduate Department of Commerce organised a great ‘Faculty Development Programme cum Workshop’ in association with Jalandhar’s Chapter of N.I.R.C “Institute Of Company Secretary of India”.The key objective of this workshop is to make the participants aware about “Goods and Services Tax & all the legislations related to it.” and “Emerging issues in the field of Accounting”

In the Management Committee of the workshop these persons played a great role :Padam Shri Shri Poonam Suri Ji ( President D.A.V Managing Committee New Delhi),Dr.Sanjeev Kumar Arora (Principal D.A.V College, Jalandhar), Prof. Vijay Kumar Sareen ( Vice Principal and H.O.D of Commerce),Prof.Arun Mehra, Prof.Rajiv Sharma, Company Secretary Mohit Saluja ( Chairman Jalandhar Chapter of N.I.R.C ) and C.S Amit Vinayak (Secretary Jalandhar Chapter of N.I.R.C)

In the Organisers Committee major role have been played by :
Prof.Ashok Kapoor ( Convenor ),C.S Dinesh Gupta (Founder Chairman, Jalandhar Chapter of N.I.R.C),Prof.Manish Arora, Prof.Rajeev Puri,Dr.Satish Kumar Ahuja, Prof.Manish Khanna, C.S Mayank Tiwari (Vice Chairman), C.S Amit Kumar (Finance Secretary),Prof.Manav Aggarwal, Prof.Ram Kumar, Prof.Amit Jain, Prof.Nidhi Aggarwal, Dr.Rajwant Kaur, Prof.Ekjot Kaur, Prof.Isha Sehgal and Prof.Komal Soni

The founder H.O.D Commerce (D.A.V Jalandhar) Prof.C.M Juneja was one of the chief guest and Principal Dr.S.K Arora welcomed him with deep regards and thanked him to spare his valuable time for blessing the students and faculty members.Prof.Juneja said that a good teacher must possess these 3 qualities.
3.Upgradation, and he was happy to see his own college contributing towards development and upgradation of faculty members.

Dr.Prem Arora (Vice Chancellor GNA University) also raised the grace of this FDP with his presence.

Principal Dr.S.K Arora acknowledged the importance of trade and Commerce for the development of many nation. He stated that no country can prosper and develop without Commerce and Trade. He said that to be successful one must update himself with the current and emerging issues in such major fields. He stated that the session would be fruitful for Research Scholars, Teachers and Students as very major issues such as G.S.T and discussion on the emerging issues in the field of Accounting are the part of this workshop. He said that his belief is that such workshops should be organised because they not only enhance our knowledge but also keep us intact with the new rules and regulations of Industry.

There were three technical sessions in the workshop.

During the First technical session C.A Puneet Oberoi and C.A Keshav.R Garg shared their words of knowledge on G.S.T in a very clean and simplified manner. They stated that G.S.T is an Indirect Tax. Under G.S.T taxation on the Goods and Services will be neutral. They said if Govt.makes the G.S.T bill applicable from 2017 then single tax rate will be applied to all the Goods and Services which implies that in place of V.A.T, Excise and Service Tax only single tax will be charged i.e G.S.T.

Second Technical Session was hosted by Prof.Manav Aggarwal. The keynote speaker of this session was C.A I.S Arora who shared the emerging issues on accounting. He said that old concepts like Cash and Accrual basis of accounting will be soon replaced by a new accounting system. He awared the faculty and students about new way of Receipt and Payment and also discussed Rule 21 of accounting with them.

Third technical session’s key note speaker was C.S Rajiv Goel who shared knowledge about Corporate Legislations. He also shared rules and regulations of the new Companies Act of 2013. He also discussed Bankruptcy Code 2016 and Benami Transactions to create awareness among faculty and students.

At the end of the Faculty Development Programme, all the key note speakers and the guest of honours were presented token of honour by the D.A.V College Jalandhar.