Students of M.Sc. (Maths) Sem 3 secured top positions in GNDU

DAV College Jalandhar again out performed in the MSc Mathematics semester 3 (combined) exams by booking top 5 Guru Nanak Dev University positions.

Its a matter of deep pride for the college as Komalpreet Kaur scored 85.6% in the MSc (Mathematics) semester 3 university exams , creating a record history .She presented an incredible example by scoring 1284/1500 marks in Semester 3 examination and attaining first position in the University.

In all the three semester combined ” Komal Preet ” scored 1284/1500 and in this semester she scored 85.6% and she quoted “it’s a matter of blessed luck for me that I scored awesome in my favourite subjects . Maths is just like a game for me , the more I indulge into it , the more my love grows for it .Earlier, I was afraid of it , but with the passage of time my intrest got developed because of my department teachers, who are beyond awesome. Thier timely notes helped me crack good marks . I realised nothing is easy or tough , everything just needs time and commitment. I want to earn a Gold Medal in my post graduation and for that I am working really hard and I would strive to create a record.

“Bharti Khanna” Scored 1282/1500 and stood 2nd in university and she thanked her parents and teachers.

“Kajal Sahni” scored 1253 standing 3rd in university and thanked her gurus.

“Alisha Arora” scored 1220 and stood 4th in university and thanked her family and friends .

Manpreet Kaur” scored 1201 and stood 5th in university and thanked her family and friends

Principal Dr S K Arora quoted “Scoring 85.6 % is actually pretty awesome and unbelievable, it’s just an outstanding performance. Maths department has always been known for its sheer committed nature , hard-work and dedication towards imparting education to the students . The staff is full of completent teachers who just make the students feel at home because of the classroom culture . I feel immensely proud of this great department and I give my heartiest congratulations on this outstanding performance.

Head Of Department Prof Ajay Kumar Aggarwal quoted “I was well aware of my students capabilities, but with their results they performed beyond expectations amd made everyone proud .I wish them luck for all the upcoming exams of university and life.

On this great achievement Head Prof Ajay Kumar Aggarwal, Prof S K Tuli , Prof Anju , Dr Poonam Kumar Sharma , Prof Monish Kumar , Dr Samir Sharma , Dr Seema, Prof Ashu ,Prof Rajesh Prashar , Prof Sahil congratulated everyone.