International Women’s day Celebration

“DAV College gave Self Defence lessons to students on the occasion of International Women’s day Celebration”

In collaboration with Sanjay Karate and 94.3 My FM, our DAV College Jalandhar organised a Self Defence class for celebration of International Women’s day. Every women has the right to fight for her right whether it is in judicial form or in form of self Defence. Women’s Club incharge Dr Sumiti Kalia informed that self safety moves were taught to more than 140 girls students of the College .

RJ Vikas from 94.3 My FM shared that in a situation of havoc dont have an anxiety attack. Face the situation with a calm mind.You have many tricks to save yourself from the situation. Always keep a safety pin,paper pin or anything sharp and pointy with yourself and save the police helpline no i.e 1090 in your mobile phone.

Associate of Sanjay Karate Mr Pradeep taught girls warious kicks, paunches and strokes. According Mr Pawandeep a person can save himself/herself with different factors which are further expressed in form of percentages i.e it takes 50% awarness about situation which a person requires to have 20% Common Sense so you can tackle the situation,25% knowldge of self defence and 5% goes to stituation in which you are stuck in. For celebrity celebritattraction we had RJ Bindas Vikas which kept on cheering the students and also celebrated Women’s Day with our college students.This program was celebrated with full zeel and enthusiasum.

Dr Sumiti Kalia said that a woman has a major role in shaping the society. A women is an idol which should be prayed by both family and society. Women is not less than any men in any field.We can be anything which we want to be and we will excel in our field of our work.Today our country’s working women is a pilot,CEO, soldier. We women are not less than anyone.

College principal Dr S.K.Arora congratulated everyone on International Women’s day and in his message said that females are getting better in every field as compared to males. We can see them flying high in sky and achive every greatness the can. There was a time when people considered that female gender is a week gender but the tables have turned. With thriving persistence and hardwork they have become the best versions of themselves. Women should be given proper education and support so they can become best version of themselves