Darwin Zoological Society has organised Science Quiz Competition

On National Science Day, Zoological Department’s Darwin Zoological Society has organised Science Quiz Competition, Collage making competition and Paper reading competition at D.A.V College Jalandhar.

Science Quiz Competition

In quiz competition total five teams were there in which 20 students have participated. Chief guest of the event was Principal of D.A.V College, Jalandhar Dr.S.K Arora who have been welcomed by the H.O.D Science department Prof.Karuna Mittal. Later on five rounds of the quiz competition got started. Each question was being displayed on LCD Screen as well. Dr.S.K Arora said that such kind of quizzes boost the confidence of participants. He stated that such competitions generate interest in the subject and students thus have good hold over the subject.

H.O.D Prof.Karuna Mittal said that all the questions during quiz were according to the ,students gave good expression of their knowledge by answering those questions brilliantly.

In Science quiz Questions were being asked by Dr.Deepak Wadhavan. In first round 10 members from each team were selected, later second round begun which was a rapid round in which 10 questions were asked from each team. Apart from this Video and audio rounds were there. Last round was the buzzer round. Then results were declared in which teams:
3. Holoarctic, were declared as winners.
Bisht, Mannat,Gautam and Sunanda from Ethiopian team, Neha Sharma, Tanya, Shivani Sharma and Nav deep from Oriental team and Megha, Jhoom Chaudhary and Paranjay Chopra from Holoarctic team were awarded.

Time management and scores were being managed by Prof Pankaj Banga. Questions were prepared by collective efforts of Prof.Puneet Puri, Prof.Pooja Sharma, Dr.S.S Rajpurohit, Prof.Surbhi and Prof.Manisha. Quiz Competition have been hosted by Prof.Deepak Wadhavan.

Collage Making

Many students participated enthusiastically in the Collage making competition, where collages of burning earth and steps to protect mother earth, wildlife protection, Indian Science-2017 etc captured eyes of the gathering.
Manmeet (M.Sc 2) got the 1st prize, Shreya (B.Sc 2) got the 2nd prize and Jyoti (B.Sc 2) got 3rd prize. Tamanna (B.Sc 2) have been awarded with 4th prize.Judge of Collage making competition was Dr.Rajeev Koaala ( Head of Biotechnology Department, Doaba College,Jalandhar).

Paper Reading Competition:

Students in the paper reading competition have chosen topics like Swach Bharat, Ill effects of Drugs on Punjab, Deterioration of environment, I.V.F etc.Megha (B.Sc 2) got the 1st prize and her topic was Drug abuse , Urvashi (B.Sc3) got 2nd prize Damini (M.Sc 1) got 3rd prize and Akshita (B.Sc 2) got 4th prize. Judge of Paper reading competition was Dr.Arun Dev Sharma (Head of Biotechnology Department,Lyallpur Khalsa College, Jalandhar).