Guest Lecture on Role of Business in Sustainable Development

Guest Lecture on Role of Business in Sustainable Development at D.A.V College,Jalandhar

Today the D.A.V College Jalandhar’s Commerce Forum along with the Post Graduate Department of Commerce, organised a Guest Lecture on “Role of Business in Sustainable Development”.
The Guest speakers were Dr. Padama Datta and Dr. Ritika Mahajan from the Dept. of Business Sustainability, T.E.R.I University,New Delhi.

Principal Dr.S.K Arora along with Prof.Vijay Sareen (H.O.D Commerce) welcomed the key speakers.

Prof.Sareen said that T.E.R.I is one of the greatest university. He said that “We are continuously depleting resources for the endless human needs. We are not maintaining the balance between the nature and the humans. It’s our duty towards the nature ‘to serve the nature’.
” He also thanked the chief guests who came there to deliver an informative lecture.

Prof Isha Mahajan spoke about one of the guest speaker ‘Dr. Manipadama Dutta’. She said “Professor Datta is in management teaching, training and research for last twenty nine years. In this long span he has taught at many prestigious universities and institutes in India and abroad. Having started his career at University of Calcutta, he has taught at Vidyasagar University, Nirma Institute of Management Ahmedabad, Institute of Management Technology Ghaziabad, Indian Institute of Management Lucknow, International Management Institute, NTPC Power Management Institute, National Institute of Financial Management Faridabad, University of Brussels at different times. While at IMT he was also the Chairman of the IMT Centre for Financial Research. Immediately before joining TERI University, Prof. Datta was the Dean ( Corporate Training and Consultancy) at JK Lakshmipat University, Jaipur. He is also a qualified Company Secretary.
Dr. Datta is also a well known corporate trainer in finance and accounting area having a long list of clientele. He regularly designs and offers executive development programmes on contemporary corporate issues. He has received training at Harvard Business School on participant-centred case-based teaching.
Dr. Datta is an active researcher having guided a number of scholars to their MBA and Ph.D dissertations. He has also published extensively both in national and international journals. He has authored chapters in two books on financial reporting and organizational behaviour respectively. On strategic corporate finance, Dr. Datta has produced an audio-visual CD. He has chaired sessions and presented papers in many national and international conferences. Prof. Datta is also on the Board of Adjudicators for Ph.D at many universities and institutions in India and abroad.
Professor Datta is actively associated with a large number of institutes of higher learning in different capacities. He is a life member of the IAA Research Foundation, Kolkata. He is a Fellow of the ICSI, New Delhi. His areas of interest include Corporate Capital Structure, Financial and Weather Derivatives, Financial Reporting and International Financial Accounting Standards (IFRS), and Business Ethics. Then Prof.Isha invited Dr. Manipadama Dutta on the dice.

Dr Manipadama Dutta thanked Principal Dr SK Arora, Vice principal and H.O.D Prof. Vijay Sareen for giving him a chance to address. He said that” From last 35 years I am serving this field. I had done a lot of research on the environment. We have to know that the nature we have is not a gift to us but it is a loan from our ancestors and it have to be saved for the future generation, It is the need of the hour. Sustainable development is not a different term it is just the part of the environment. If a business will not indulge in sustainability it will not indulge in Sustainable development.” He wanted to directly address the students he said “It is more important to reach the students because they will be responsible for the future.

After that Dr Rajwant Kaur gave the profile of Dr Ritika Mahajan she said” Dr Ritika Mahajan is a faculty member in Department of Business Sustainability, TERI University, New Delhi. She completed her Ph.D on Management Education in India as a Research Fellow in Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. Her doctoral research is based on interviews with India’s leading institution builders in IIMs, IITs and other premier B-schools. A book on her Ph.D work titled ‘Masters Speak’ was published by Bloomsbury Publishers in 2014. She has written more than 35 research papers, chapters and articles. She has published in peer-reviewed national and international journals of repute by leading publishers like Emerald, Springer, Edward Elgar, Inderscience, and Business Standard and presented in national and international conferences at IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta, IIM Lucknow, IIM Indore, IIM Kozhikode, IIT Delhi, SIBM etc. She was awarded Neal Doerr Gold Medal in 2012-13 for a paper presented in the 71st annual convention of Sugar Technologists Association of India. She is also a regular reviewer for many international journals. By qualification, she is an MBA (Gold Medalist) and BBA Hons (Gold Medalist). Her teaching interests are general management, qualitative research, and corporate accounting and finance.

Dr Ritika Mahajan said that you have to use your resources for present need and should also leave them in the same state for the future needs. She also told how wonderful it was to be a part of this seminar. At last she also told that she was earlier a part of this institution and it feels very amazing to come back here after a long time.

After this an intellectual questions and answers session was held in which students took part and asked their questions from the chief guests.

Principal Dr.Arora congratulated Vice principal and HOD Prof. Vijay Sareen for choosing so useful topic for this seminar. He said ” Sustainable development is a very important topic now a days. I am teaching environment science from past 10 years.” He also shared his personal incidents related to sustainable development. He discussed how he met with a saint who said that education is not everything, we should bring into our practice what we are learning.
There is a very urgent need of development in our country not only on the basis of infrastructures but also on the base of nature. Principal Dr. S.K Arora also discussed about the GDP of our country how much it should meant to be and how low it is ! If our GDP will not be increasing how we will develop. It will be dangerous for the coming generation for disturbing the ecosystem. He also said that this area is going to be a desert in future if this destruction will be continued. Even pollution is very dangerous for the nature. They are even causing genetical diseases among children. There is less happiness among people this is due to the unplanned development. At last he thanked the guests for an informative session.

At last Vice Principal Prof Vijay Sareen shared his views on the seminar and thanked both of the guest speakers.