Mind Power and Memory Skills – Prof. Kanwer Rajeev

Displaying amazing mind power and memory skills, Prof Kanwar Rajeev, an Associate professor in the department of physics at the DAV College Jalandhar established three Records for the celebrated India Book of Records at glittering function organised at DAV Public School, Sector 14, Faridabad.

In the presence of select guests and Approximately 1000 students,Prof Kunwer Rajeev recalled the exact atomic mass of all the 118 elements of the periodic Table in 5 min and 48 seconds. His second record consisted of reciting the names and capitals of 197 countries in 4 min and 54 seconds. The third record was recalling the exact population of 18 randomly asked countries in 60 seconds.

With this monumental attempt, he becomes the first indian to have three Records in the field of memory created in a same day. After the event, he gave tips to the students for improving their memory for achieving better results. He told the audience that anybody from 9 to 90 can have this kind of memory by learning a few technique and regular revision and practice. He cited his own example of having attained this kind of proficiency in less than two years of practice. Over dependence on gadgets like calculators, computers, cell phones etc have made our mind not to work to its usual capacity. As such, our memory declines. The more we use it, the sharper it becomes, he remarked.

Ms Komal Singh of India Book of Records honoured him with Certificates and Medallions. Dr Satish Sharma, Director Colleges DAVCMC, New Delhi was the chief guest of the program. Besides him Dr Satish Ahuja, principal DAV College, Faridabad, Dr Anoop Kumar, principal Dayanand College, Ajmer and Dr P K Sharma, associate professor of Mathematics dav College, Jalandhar were also present.

Prof Sharad Manocha, associate professor in the department of English anchored the show and thanked principal SS Chaudhary and his highly dedicated and efficient team of DAV School sector 14, Faridabad for being impeccable hosts.

Prof Kunwer Rajeev acknowledged the initiative and the motivation of Sh Punam Suri, President DAVCMC, New Delhi for inspiring and taking personal interest in holding this event.

Prof Kunwer Rajeev also added that he is practicing the same techniques used by Egyptians and Greeks to memorize long speeches, religious books etc. Using these techniques, he has memorized 650 years of calendar for predicting day of the week. He has memorized more than 1000 telephone numbers. He has memorized birthdays of more than 1200 famous Indian personalities, twelve Point information data of all Indian states and UTs. The most unique thing he considers, he has done is memorizing six Point data about all 545 Indian lok Sabha MPs. He says that a man in USA memorized the same information about all 535 US congressmen few years back and he was invited to US Congress for demonstrating his skill. He said that it is his passionate desire that he should also get the same honour of an invitation to Indian Parliament for demonstrating his skills.

He added that he wants to transfer these techniques to large Number of students, professionals and even ordinary people, so that they can also enhance their memory and lead a more confident and meaningful life.

Director colleges Dr Satish Sharma remarked that the DAV organization is proud of its talented faculty and would make arrangements to dessiminate this knowledge to students so that they grow up into confident and skilled individuals.

Principal Dr SK Arora congratulated Prof Kunwar Rajeev and quoted "this incredible achievement is a matter of immense pride for our institution since he is the first one to Create a record history in Memory skills in our country m. His achievement shows the level and sense of his dedication and commitment. I pray to the almighty that he Created a world record in this technique too

Dr Anoop Kumar, Principal Dayanand College, Ajmer remarked that this event was possible due to the blessings of our President DAVCMC Padam Shri Dr Poonam Suri ji who leaves no stone unturned to acknowledge and encourage the extraordinarily gifted faculty of DAVs.


Prof Kunwar Rajeev in the end quoted this Incredible program has just been organised due to the special efforts of Honourable Padam Shri Shri Poonam Suri ji , President Dav Managing Committee, New Delhi