Human Chain to create voter awareness

DAV College succeeded in making a Human Chain with help of 4000 students and other college members, in order to create voter awareness.

Students painted National flag and Vote sign on their faces to sensitize voters about the importance of voting.

Students of DAV College helped in making a human chain which was arranged around the street that runs around Jalandhar to Phillaur on tuesday to create awareness on voting. A human chain activity for voter awareness was organised under the SVEEP program of district administration with the main objective of making everyone aware of the importance of vote and democracy. Students also painted flags and vote sign on their face.



On this occasion of voter awareness program DAV College’s teaching staff,Non-Teaching staff, college students, N.S.S unit and N.C.C unit took part in huge number hence helping reach the number of 4000 people on Jalandhar Pthankot bi-pass. The cumulated majority of students emphasized on importance of voting and asked everyone to go to their voting both on the election day i.e 4th Febuary,2017.

Dr S.K.Arora motivated everyone to go vote on the voting day because only through this system we can have a strong democracy. He also stated that “ in order to create awareness and bring change it is the youth’s input,which will bring the major change in this initiative”. It is necessary for everyone to vote in order to make a change in our country. In this human chain activity near about 75000 people participated, with full on zeal and enthusiasm.

Honourable Vice Principal Prof V.K.Sareen appreciated this moment created by the local district administration, as this initiative will motivate people for coming state elections. With help of this,people can vote for the right leader.
After seeing the turn-up number of total college member for the human chain activity, administrative people appreciated DAV College,Jalandhar’s input.