Survey on Voting behaviour of youth by Press Club of the College

In order create voter awareness Press Club of DAV College Jalandhar took a survey " TO UNDERSTAND THE VOTING BEHAVIOR OF COLLEGE YOUTH OF JALANDHAR CITY " in various colleges of Jalandhar city

In order to understand the voting phycology and to create awareness to put vote on coming elections, Press Club of DAV College Jalandhar took a survey in various colleges of Jalandhar. 250 students were the valuable assets for this survey, under the ages group of 19-22. It took 10 days for the team of Press Club to collect the data from various colleges.

For this survey the team of Press Club had President of Press Club Prof Manish Khanna,Prof-Incharge Bhuwan Lamba,Vice President Madhur Chopra, Gagan Kumra, Ananya Singh,Deepak Verma,Vaibhav Vohra, Gurkirat Kaur and Shivantika Nagar. This magnificent team of college went to various colleges of Jalandhar to create awareness for voting and to understand the voting behaviour of youngster.

President of Press Club Prof Manish Khanna is a social worker, beside this survey, respected prof has also done research on environment protection and other important topic. Prof Manish Khanna said that his main goal to acknowlge the youth his duty regarding the society and environment. For this purpose he has conducted many surveys and research project to understand the phycology of youth.

After hearing about the great deeds done by DAV College Press Club Principal of DAV College Jalandhar Dr S.K.Arora congratulated the whole team and said that it was a great initiative by the Press club for creating awareness about State election along with creating awareness about the importance of vote. Now a chain of awareness can be started where the students who are aware of the importance of voting can also boost others like their friends,family or relatives to put vote in the coming election on 4th February 2017. It is also a matter of pride that our college is the only college who conducted a survey to understand the voting pattern of the youth and also created awareness among others about the importance of vote. Because of this survey the future govt will have a huge help to understand the mind set of young mind.

In order to create a result a questionnaire with 22 questions were made, following are the result which the Press Club got:

1) 73% youngster have voter ID Card, from which 83% of them will vote in this coming elections.

2) Youth was asked if they have ever taken part in political rallies or any function and 81% of students haven’t took part in it, from those students 70% thinks that, political rallies and function won’t be able to affect their mind set for voting function. And remaining 22% says that because of the availability of media report there is no use of attending any political rallies or function.

3) Upon asking if the history of a political leader or party will affect your vote, 79% students said no to that.

4) Youth was asked what kind of government are they looking for? 83% of them seek a vote for a government who can work social upliftment of the society.

5) 68% students admit that political speeches/ promises in manifestos or other oratory skills won't attract them to vote for a party.

6) 91% students admit that educational background of the leader affect their vote, where as 92% students says that no social/ economic or religious factors can affect their precious vote.

7) 77% youth believes that their right to vote will not be tempered by family or other known people. They will vote to that person who will bring the best out of the state.

8) 50% youth won’t get effected if parties have collations in order to attain majority.


9) Upon asking the major reason which will make them vote for a certain party/leader, following result was obtained:
1) Those who hear the public’s problem: 89%
2) Corruption and scam free: 91%
3) Those who work for the progress of the common man: 83%
4) Who works for progress and prosperity: 72%
5) Media Report: 48%
6) History of a party:11%
7) Profit you gain after party coming in power:42%