Road Safety Awareness campaign

Road Safety Awareness campaign done in DAV College Jalandhar.

” It is nessesary that everyone should follow traffic rules. All those rebels who don’t care to follow the rules are in constant danger. It is our moral duty to follow road safety rules”, following words were said by Principal Dr S.K.Arora on the account of road safety awareness campaign done in DAV College Jalandhar.

Jalandhar Police Commissioner Arpit Shukla, ADCP Traffic D.Sudarvili ,A.C.P Traffic Manjit Kaur Saini showcased their view point in DAV College Jalandhar on “National Road Safety” weak which was organised by of N.S.S Unit of the college. Chief Guest for the seminar where Sardar Shamsher Singh And Ramesh Kumar who came on behalf of traffic police. Principal Dr S.K.Arora and Prof S.K.Midha N.S.S Unit Co-ordinator welcomed the delegation who came on behalf of traffic police and taught traffic rules to the students.

Sardar Shamsher made students aware about the fact that every year in our country near about 1 lakh and 50 thousand people lose their life in road accident. Lakhs and lakhs of people become disabled due to recklessness shown while not properly following traffic rules. The main cause for all the pain and loss of life is the fast and furious driving done by the people. We can stop these accidents if we follow the traffic rules properly. The main reason behind spreading traffic rule awareness is to make people realise the loss they have cause of accident they cause, with their ignorance to traffic rule.

The team also gave information about “motor vehicle act and traffic rules” and also said that the best way to keep others and yourself safe is to follow proper traffic rules. Whenever you drive a car follow the traffic rules, it is important to wear helmet while driving a two wheeler , obey the traffic lights to avoid accidents. One should always wear seat belt while driving a car. Avoid rash driving as fast speed is the core reason of accidents. Always carry all the paper of the vehicle.

Ramesh Kumar part of Traffic police team showed a chart containing road safety signs and taught the students the meaning of the signs.He also mentioned that everyone should memorize the signs,as when you apply for driving license identifications of these come in the questions.If you are able to identify these signs then only you will get a license

To improve the traffic of the city, the team of traffic police gave their whatsapp number and helpline number and also said if any one breaks the traffic rules just make a video and send it to them.

Principal Dr S.K.Arora said that this interactive session for creating traffic awareness among students was very important as it makes them aware about the importance of their and others life. Students should come forward and follow these traffic rules obediently . Everyone should wear helmets and seatbelts while driving the vehicle . Be aware and also aware others. Foreign country implies traffic rules properly which cause more safety on roads than ours , where having accident on road is story of everyday. Follow the traffic rules it is very important.

On this occasion Prof Ravena Chauhan and in senior volunteers Hemant Kumar and Deepak Verma were present.